Joel Laub'S 1929 Bentley Le Mans

Front engine, rear-wheel drive

4.5-liter inline four, ohc, dual SU carburetors

Semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear

Drums front and rear

Wheels and Tires
5.5x19 70-spoke wire rims
Englebert Comp P 6.5/19 tires



Peak Power:
100 bhp @ 3500 rpm
Top Speed: 92 mph

1929 Bentley LeMans
We gotta give a shoutout to our man Joel Laub, owner of the gorgeous 1929 Bentley featured with its younger sibling. Joel flew his private jet down to join us at the soon-to-be-gone El Toro Marine base and put the old girl through her paces. Afterwards, he split with the car for a late dinner date in L.A. Bet the valet never parked anything like this before.

In Joel's words:
"The car is a 1929 Bentley 4.5-liter Le Mans. I bought it while in England about five years ago from Stanley Mann north of London. The car was built by Ulf Smith in the Azore Islands. Ulf is the honorary consulate from Sweden to the Azores and a well-known restorer of vintage Bentleys. I was looking for a car to go touring with and one that would be accepted in most events. After looking at Bugattis and Alfas I decided on a Bentley because they were big, heavy and comfortable (not to mention fast). This was my first Bentley. I have since acquired a 1930 Speed Six, 1929 Blower 8-liter Bentley, a 1953 Bentley R Type Continental Fastback and a 1956 Bentley S1 Continental. I also own a D Type Jaguar (XKD520) which I am driving in the upcoming Colorado Grand. I have driven both the Speed Six and the Blower in this event in the past. I also own a 1953 XK120 rally car and a 1949 alloy XK120 #42 which is in restoration. This year I drove the Speed Six 2,500-plus miles on the Bentley Drivers Club Western United States Tour (didn't burn one quart of oil) and in the Blower spent three weeks in the Azore Islands on another BDC Tour put on by Ulf Smith. There is something about strapping on the goggles and firing up a vintage Bentley. Knock on wood, I have not had one mechanical problem in many thousands of miles of driving in all kinds of conditions."

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