JE Design Audi A8
Founded in 1990 by Jochen Eckelt, JE Design concentrates its business on the VAG-built cars, starting with Volkswagen and followed by Audi and SEAT in 1996.

At the core of the company is the design and manufacturing of auto styling components. For the A8, the company offers a full body kit, featuring an aggressive front spoiler (with side vents), sills and rear spoiler. The factory Audi parking indicator system can be maintained after drilling appropriate holes. The body kit attaches to stock mounting points by means of adhesives, and it carries full TV certification.

One can roll phat on a set JE Design/Azev PS wheels measuring a whopping 8.5x20 in front and 10x20 in the rear. By means of adapters, the air pressure monitoring system can be maintained.

Performance is limited to a four-pipe rear exhaust system with 101mm pipes, which create the "sporty V8 sound." A proper V8 performance package, for both the diesel and petrol engines, is in the works.

KW Inox-Line Suspension
In Europe, horsepower is measured in kW or kilowatts. In Fichtenberg, Germany, suspension is measured in KW, for KW Automotive.

KW's BMW Z4 sits on a set of BBS Le Mans wheels measuring 8.5x19 in front and 9.5x19 in the rear, the aggressive stance due to a KW suspension, one of two offered for the Z4. Both kits lower from between 20- to 50mm in front, and 15- to 40mm in the rear. In the Variant 2 line, rebound is infinitely adjustable. Individuals stepping up to Variant 3 dampers can further customize their setup with independent rebound and compression settings. A notable feature of the KW is its "inox-line" stainless-steel technology. Using stainless-steel construction, the shock bodies are ensured a long-lasting, rust-free life.

KW Automotive GmbH * Aspachweg 14, D-74427 Fichtenberg, Germany * 49-(0)7971/9630-0 * Fax: 49-(0)7971/9630-30KW Automotive North America * (888) 530-1433 * Fax: (604) 598-8760

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KW Automotive GmbH
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JE Design
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LLTek Motorsport
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