According to Burger, the lowest setting gives a 25hp gain over stock, while the maximum equates to around 60hp. We hope to verify this in a dyno test next month.

When set on max, the JBD Tuner can throw engine codes, so we also opted for Burger’s BT scanning tool and BMS CAN plug that is inserted into the OBD2 port. The tool can identify and delete codes as well as add some cool features. Following the instructions, the fuel gauge can become a boost gauge, requiring you to monitor fuel range from the onboard computer. The green indicator arrows on the OE cluster can also be employed as programmable shift lights, if you wish.

These aspects will be covered in more detail at


As a finishing touch, we decided to swap the 335d lettering on the trunk for more discreet black badging from Bimmian.

The company provides a variety of letters and numbers in silver, red, black and gold to either replace your insignia or create custom insignia.

Removing the old numbers was straightforward. They peel away when a plastic edge is applied under each edge.

After cleaning off the glue, the Bimmian numbers glue down as before. It’s a very cheap modification that provided a sophisticated transformation.

Bimmian also provided black carbon vinyl that sticks over the BMW roundels. These are simple to apply to a clean surface and again make a subtle difference to the overall appearance.


“This thing hauls!” Derrick Vieira exclaimed after setting the internal dial on the Burger Tuning JB Diesel module to 100%.

Having driven it for a few days he followed up with: “It’s super-responsive and I’m still getting the same 29mpg on my daily commute. The only thing I’ve noticed is if you stomp on it when the engine’s cold, the factory ECU drops into fail-safe mode and the check engine light comes on. But once it’s fully warmed up, I haven’t had an issue…”

When asked about the Öhlins suspension, Derrick was initially skeptical it could improve on the OE Sport suspension. With the coils on their lowest setting, Derrick was concerned it would scrape or rub. However, he reports an overall improvement in handling with reduced body roll from stiffer springs that are only marginally noticeable. In fact, he was stunned that such a low ride height could be so comfortable and well controlled. “Öhlins definitely delivered. This is much more than I had hoped for!” he continued.

He also noted that the new wheel and tire combination was more responsive on turn-in than the heavier run flats they replaced – this could also be an attribute of the lower profile tires. Either way, the handling is transformed with the suspension, wheels and tires.

Company Part Price Contact
Öhlins Öhlins R&T coilovers $2599
VMR Wheels 19x8.5/9.5” V701 $250 each
Continental ExtremeContact DW tires POA
Burger Tuning JBD and CAN plug $329
Bimmian carbon roundel stickers $35
Bimmian black 335d lettering $20

Continental Tires
5442 N. Peck Rd
El Monte
CA  91732
Ohlins (USA)
703-C S. Grove St.
NC  28792
Burger Motorsports
2235 First Street
Suite 122
Simi Valley
CA  93065
VMR Wheels
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