The GMAX also features General’s AMST (Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology) for a quiet ride, even at full tilt, on the dry. General’s RCT (Reactive Contact Patch) also comes in handy for today’s penny pinchers because during hard braking and acceleration the contact patch increases by 30 percent, leaving you with only the minimum contact patch needed for cruising, thus increasing fuel economy.

Lastly, General’s RTM Technology has “Replacement Tire Monitor” imprinted on the rib of the tire so that when it gets down to 3/32-inch tread it transforms to read “Replace Tire.” But with a treadwear rating of 480 AA and a 4-year/40,000 mile warranty, we doubt you’ll be seeing those words anytime soon.

At Infineon we were thrown through a barrage of tests, including wet- and dry-handling autocross courses, as well as some lapping around Infineon’s full racetrack in vehicles ranging from Audi S5s and TTSs, to Mitsubishi Evo Xs and Mustang GTs and Camaro SSs. In the short dry and wet tracks, the GMAX performed surprisingly well against some major competitors. In fact, it seemed to blow the competition away in the wet.

On the racetrack, both editor Bidrawn and I were floored at the performance of the cars equipped with these tires. Under fairly hard braking the GMAX wasn’t actuating the cars’ ABS systems, meaning it was holding up to the braking system and weight of the cars, lap after lap. Under cornering we were able to exceed 1.1g around turns on which we felt we were barely 90 percent, and the overall response was superb. Impressive but not surprising, given General Tire is owned by performance giant Continental Tire (those German guys with that 220 mph-rated tire that comes as original equipment on some exotics).

Despite the technically complex track, the tires kept us unusually comfortable, even with the broad range of high-powered cars—several of which we’d never driven.

And you can drive these in the snow… Did you already forget?

Vehicle Data

Engine: 5.5-liter biturbo V12

Mileage: 83,500

Transmission: Five-speed automatic

Curb Weight: 4,500 lb

Modifications: Renntech ECU/TCU, carbon intake and intercooler upgrade, Renntech Monolite wheels, General GMAX AS-03 all-season tires, spare wheel/tire removed

*Performed at 70° F ambient, 1,000 feet above sea level, no burnout

General Tire
1800 Continental Drive
NC  28288
Sunshine Kids
1368 Anderson Rd.
MI  48017
Modified By KC
6138 Merriam Drive
KS  66203
TyreShield USA
European Motorsports
OS Giken USA
1977 West 190th Street
Suite #200
CA  90504
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