Renntech Intake

Test 2


Peak power: 526.8 hp @ 4500 rpm

Peak torque: 703.1 lb-ft @ 3100- 3700 rpm

Max hp gain: 17.0 hp @ 5350 rpm

Max tq gain: 16.7 lb-ft @ 5350 rpm

50-115 mph dyno accel: 3.47 sec.

Temperature: 73° F

Humidity: 13%

Parts: Renntech carbon-fiber intake

Installation time: 30 minutes

MSRP: $5,250


• Perfect fit

• Beautiful finish for engine dress-up

• Doesn’t affect factory warranty


• Every upgrade for this car will be expensive

Test Notes

To complete Renntech’s Stage 3 package we installed its beautiful carbon-fiber intake kit, featuring two new carbon boxes with a high-flow filter element in each. Complemented with a full carbon cover for the intercoolers as well as the front of the engine, the carbon bling under the hood is instantly noticed by everyone when the hood is popped open.

During testing we noticed the car wanted to hit the higher numbers but little fluctuations weren’t helping the intake’s gains. While the delta from 3800 rpm on averaged just under 5 whp, we’d bet that with more of a ram-air effect from the road at high speed this intake should definitely show more consistent gains in the mid-teens.


With simple bolt-ons, this car is significantly faster. Down low it’s a torque monster but the gains from 4000 rpm onward is what tells the true story of straight-line acceleration. In this car’s case, it still averaged over 50 whp—and we think maybe even a little bit more with the intake at high road speeds. Off the dyno and in the real world this equated to a 0.8-second improvement in the 60-120 mph acceleration test, now at 8.5 seconds—that’s knocking on the door of a 2010 Porsche 997.1 Turbo.

In acceleration testing using our VBOX PerformanceBox, our baseline testing, using our all-season tires, completed 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and the quarter-mile in 12.7 at 114.1 mph. With the ECU, TCU and intake upgrade, these numbers improved to 4.1 seconds and 12.2 at 118.6 mph. With this kind of acceleration, our Renntech S600 is the ultimate family Q-ship. Next time, we’ve got one last upgrade up our sleeves that will improve acceleration even further.

General Tire
1800 Continental Drive
NC  28288
1368 Anderson Rd.
MI  48017
European Motorsports
Modified By KC
6138 Merriam Drive
KS  66203
55 Tech Motors
15825 Industrial Pkwy.
OH  44135
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