The engine’s intercooler and turbocharger are two components that, when properly balanced, generate consistent power and performance. The MINI Cooper S’s stock system is a perfect example of how an imbalanced system can result in inconsistent power and decreased performance. On the dyno, the stock Cooper S power curve is very inconsistent with an intake temperature that more than doubles as the engine moves through the rpm range, resulting in excessive timing retard and power loss. The Forged intercooler corrected the system imbalance and run after run on the dyno the power and the intake temperature stayed consistent. On the road the Forge-equipped Cooper S no longer seemed to give up in the upper rpm range, pulling solid all the way to redline. For good measure we decided to try the NM Engineering Cooper S Stage II higher boost software that recommends a upgraded intercooler, especially when using 91 octane. The result is more power and more fun, and the Forge intercooler was still able to maintain balance. If you own a Cooper S, adding an uprated intercooler in a must.

Costs Summary

Forge Intercooler

NM Engineering Flash

MSRP total.

NM Engineering
3300 Corte Malpaso
CA  93102
Forge Motorsports
Bavarian Autosport
275 Constitution Ave.
NH  03801
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