• Extra pressure created by the fuel pump can cause extra wear on the pump cam follower, resulting in increased frequency of inspection

Test Notes
The time required to install the OEM S3 turbo and injectors, Autotech Hi-Volume fuel pump kit, and just driving the vehicle to Neuspeed to have the ECU flashed ate away at the day, so we were unable to perform the all the work and subsequent dyno runs on the same day. When we did return with the vehicle three days later to perform the final dyno run, and there was a noticeable 10-degree increase in the outside temperature.

K03 K04 MSRP
Neuspeed P-Flo intake kit for K04 X X $339.95
Neuspeed Hi-Flo air charge pipe X X $169.95
Neuspeed Hi-Flo K04 turbo discharge   X $339.95
Neuspeed front-mount intercooler X X $1,995.95
Neuspeed cat-back exhaust X X $1,099.95
Milltek downpipe X X $1,099
Neuqpeed P-Chip for K04 X $699.95
Autotech Hi-Volume fuel pump upgrade kit X $399.95
Manifold and turbo X $1,195.94
Turbo install kit X $34.71
Fuel injectors X $644.08
Injector O-ring kit X $51.16
DV housing X X $63.66
DV housing support bracket X X $11.44
DV boost circulation return hose X X $64.53
DV boost pressure hose X X $26.56
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