I have driven multiple KO4 upgrades and they have all shown fantastic night-and-day differences vs. stock. Compared to the smaller-power cars (GTI and A3) I've driven, the TT is a totally different animal with a wider track width, shorter wheelbase, wider stock tires, and overall lighter vehicle weight. Post-upgrade, the TT felt much more responsive. I wanted to see if these new driving thrills were artifacts from my relative unfamiliarity with the TT and just inherent in that car's design, so I sought out the owner's opinion of the owner since he was more familiar with the car as a stock daily driver. After taking the car out, the look on his face made it evident was evident that his TT had been revolutionized. From the rapid-fire, excited chatter that gushed from his mouth, I could only make out his last words: "It's so [expletive] fast!"

Lesson learned-Having a well thought out plan can save time, money, and ultimately your sanity. And now he would be advised to start working out a master plan for suspension and tire upgrades, since his front-drive TT is completely stock in those respects. With all that power, it's in dire need of a stiffer suspension and stickier slicks.

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