Test 1

Lap time (hot lap): 1:27.33 sec.
Maximum lateral cornering force (non-single spike, relative measurement): 1.38g (turn 10)
Temperature: 71° F
Conditions: Sunny and Dry

Tools: Full set of metric wrenches and sockets, screwdriver set, long breaker bar, rubber mallet, band aids
Installation time: Four hours for DIY with your best car-guy buddy (not including race and hot-babe talk)
Brief description: Raise car on axle stands, mark or photograph rear alignment eccentric, remove brake line clips, release sway bar links attached to struts, remove front and rear struts, install new struts and reverse process. Set approximate ride height and rough-in alignment.
Performance alignment: Two hours labor at a qualified shop

• Excellent improvement in high speed cornering capability
• Adjustable rebound and compress for finer tuning to individual driver preferences
• Out-of-the-box fast with suggested factory settings, only minor adjustments to suit
• Good range of height control with the security of grub screws holding the collars
• Very firm, yet still compliant on road feel, in no way harsh on the street

• Requires custom sway bar links or bracket extension for very low ride height settings with aftermarket sway bars
• Climbing under car to make shock adjustments
• Minimal improvement in low speed corners

Test Notes
Same driver, same driven line, pleasant weather
conditions: warm, sunny, and dry (however, performed a different day than the baseline test).
Initial testing with the KW Clubsport setup was done using the factory recommend settings. Some very minor adjustments were made to suit the characteristics of the car and the personal preference of the test driver. It was interesting to note that these adjustments only amounted to less than a half second per lap over the recommended settings, and were more or less indistinguishable from our hot lap data plotted on the graph.

Costs Summary
KW Clubsport Coilover..........$3,449
6 Hours of labor.....................$600
MSRP total..........................$4,100

The KW Clubsport coilover suspension kit is designed to offer a stronger, more durable suspension, and has significantly improved our test car's lap times and handling performance at the track. At speed, the 993 feels well damped, planted and in control, never nervous or jittery, with the greatest improvements occurring on the fast, bumpy sections on the track. In addition, the state-of-the-art damping technology has greatly improved the ride quality of the test vehicle on the street. This is truly an extra bonus for those who use their track day warrior regularly on the street.

By Doug Neilson
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