Over the years I have developed contempt for turbo or supercharger conversions because on average they typically don't work as well as factory setup. While you get gobs of power it comes at a price- you never leave your house without a laundry list of tools, extra oil, jug of water, gloves, and AAA card with 100 mile tow option. You're your behind the wheel of your super or turbocharged monstrosity, you spend most of your time concerned about every noise and not enjoying your new found power. But, as soon as I started the VF RSS-32 equipped R32 I was already impressed when the vehicle fired up on just one turn of the key. My first few miles behind the wheel were in traffic and completely uneventful. During everyday traffic conditions the vehicle behaved - idle was smooth, low speed shifts were not jerky, and there was literally no evidence of the kits existence- it was awesome.

After fighting my way through traffic I finally reached a stretch of road that would allow me to see what was reflected on the dyno plot - a good solid power band that pulls all the way to 7K rpm. As soon as I mashed the pedal to the floor there was this little pause before all hell broke loose and propelling the R32 through 1st gear so quickly it left me a little disorientated. After refocusing I hit the canyons. The R32 tore through it like an 800 pound gorilla looking for dinner. What I like most about the R32 was that the extra power did not make the vehicle unbalanced.

The addition of the Milltek exhaust system and Milltek high-flow catalytic convertor assembly created this amazing melody that filled the air. Milltek exhaust gave the R32 a lighter crisper feel throughout every gear and throttle position. Even though the exhaust wasn't designed for use on a turbocharged car, it did a decent job of reducing back pressure.

I could have stopped there and been completely happy but when someone offers you 80 extra horsepower and 60 extra torque, and all you need to do is install a few parts and software it's too tempting to pass up. Plus when it comes time to use it, all you have to do is run VP-109 fuel and push a button. So we brought the vehicle back a week later to have it done, and let's just say only expletives can be used to describe the feeling that an additional 80 horsepower and we'll leave it at that.

In 2004 if Volkswagen released the MKIV R32 with 326 wheel horsepower the reviews of the R32 and my garage space would have looked completely different. The VF-Engineering's RSS-32 Stage 1 turbocharger system completely transformed the R32 without throwing it out of whack - creating a vehicle that has the balance of power and drivability with daily reliability.

MSRP TOTAL. $11,848
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