Installation Notes:

Install the new front calipers onto the supplied mounting brackets and use the new spacers for the rear along with the supplied new hardware. It is a good idea to pre-install the new brake pads into each caliper beforehand, as it makes the total job easier. However, it's much easier to install fresh pads in the new StopTech calipers than in the OEM calipers once they are in place. Install the new stainless steel brake lines first at the caliper and then at the inboard position. This ensures the proper line bend orientation.

Depending on pad choice, you may or may not be able to reuse the brake pad wear sensors. If not, you must cut the harness at about the halfway point, splice the two wires, seal the splice from the elements, and secure the wire so it will not interfere with the brake or suspension components. Check torque settings: mounting bolts (55 lb-ft), hydraulic lines (12 lb-ft), and rotor set screws (12 lb-ft).

Final Notes:

With the help of an assistant, carefully flush the brake fluid and bleed the hydraulic system per StopTech's instructions (

Lower vehicle and torque the CL wheels as per the owner's manual (370 lb-ft) with a very large 3/4-inch drive torque wrench. Then, finally, carefully follow the StopTech brake pad bedding procedure described for the appropriate pad type ( Upon original installation of a new brake system, and after the system has cooled from the initial bed-in, bleeding the calipers again so as to completely flush them with new brake fluid may further improve the pedal feel.

First Impressions:

With an extremely firm brake pedal underfoot (racecar hard, in fact), slowing or stops at street and highway speeds are smooth, simple to modulate, and completely effortless. The lighter brake hardware up front is noticeable at speed, giving finer feedback through the steering; this should be quite helpful at the track to interpret the grip during high-g cornering. The most noticeable result of the upgrade, however, is the increased rear bias: It is now possible to "feel" the rear brakes truly working. Finally, the new setup also really "looks da' business" behind the Porsche factory centerlock aluminum wheels, completely understated, yet rather menacing. So the calipers aren't red-but what's not to like?

Next we'll take Project T-Rex to the track and put our new Stoptech setup to the stopwatch using our Traqmate GPS system. We'll also have some trick new pieces to install, track test, and show off as well. The evolution continues...

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By Doug Neilson
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