On the 2010 GT3, the OEM steel rotor specs are 380x32mm in front and 350x28mm at the rear. The Stoptech Trophy rotors measure 380x32mm front and 355x32mm rear. However, the StopTech rotors are 4.8 pounds and 1.8 pounds lighter, front and rear, respectively. The narrower annulus (rotor surface swept by the brake pad) reduces the amount of cast iron, and the aluminum hat is slightly larger in radius than stock. With the whole kit installed, the setup weighs about 11 pounds less up front and the about same as the OEM assemblies in the rear. Note also that the rear STR calipers are much more substantial than the OEM units they replace.

There are several advantages to the new StopTech STR design when compared to other options: strength, stiffness, reduced total unsprung weight over the cast-iron OEM setup, pure useable stopping power, track endurance, good value for the money, improved brake balance and caliper cooling, ease of pad replacement, and a wide variety of street and track pad choices. There is nothing on the market that's better in all of these categories, so let's get these installed and get to the track to prove it up.

The installation is pretty straightforward for the do-it-yourselfer, but only if you have some previous experience or a strong mechanical aptitude, confidence, and some patience. For first timers, it helps to have thoroughly read the provided installation instructions, and to have done some research on the subject. Turn the page for a brief run-through.

Trophy Big Brake Kits

For your track-day warrior

StopTech's Trophy and Trophy Sport Big Brake Kits using their new lightweight, anodized, forged calipers can almost certainly be ordered for your car. Based on the StopTech ST-60, ST-40, and ST-22 calipers, all existing StopTech big brake kits can be special ordered in Trophy or Trophy Sport format. Note that "Trophy Sport" kits are designed for street driven vehicles which retain dust boots and anti-rattle rotor mounting hardware, and include StopTech Street Performance brake pads and stainless steel brake lines. Typical prices range from $2,900 to $4,500 per axle.

Upgrade Cost Summary

MSRP for the 2010 Porsche GT3 Sport Trophy Kit is $7,490.
Six hours of labor is about $600.

Installation Notes:

Thoroughly clean the new rotors with soap and water, followed by brake cleaner, to ensure the removal of the factory-applied rust inhibitor. (Required for shipping, the rust inhibitor will complicate your brake pad bedding procedure if not removed). Then transfer the factory red wheel lug "dummies" from the OEM rotors to the new StopTech rotors (torque ~12 lb-ft).

By Doug Neilson
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