Side Skirts

Start by removing four 10mm screws that hold a plastic undertray in place. Pull it aside to access the bottom of the car. It will be screwed back into place later once the skirts are fitted and the glue cured.

Test-fit each skirt and fasten the alignment pucks to the rear wheel well. Once in position, sand the interior glue groove and apply a bead of adhesive.

With help from a friend, press the skirt to the body, working your way from the rear wheel to the front. Then break out the painter's tape again and fix it in place to ensure that sucker isn't going anywhere. Repeat for the opposite side.

Remember to apply the wax and remove the excess glue shortly after fitting. If you leave it too long, the glue will harden and be almost impossible to shift. Then allow the glue to cure overnight.

Rear Spoiler

To fit, simply clean the trunk lid with alcohol, sand the interior glue groove, apply glue, align and press into place. Then secure with tape and revisit after 15-30min to clean the excess glue.

The fitting is straightforward but alignment is critical, so take your time.

Rear Diffuser

Prior to fitting this part, we installed the aftermarket B8 exhaust system we'll be using. This would help us see where the tailpipes would sit (we'll cover the exhaust system in a later issue). Our goal was to frame the new tips with the painted two-piece diffuser from Audi Accessories.

Replacing the drab black OE plastic insert, the new diffuser clips into place and is capped by a frame to hide the clip valley. The frame is a nice detail and was secured with the same sand-n-glue steps.

With our body kit fitted, the car looked so much better. The scruffy front-end was gone and instantly looked more sporty. We should point out that we painted the front grille in gloss black to tidy it, rather than go to the expense of buying a new assembly. It saved us more money and definitely added to the impact.

Part Part# Supplier Price*
Front spoiler 8K0071053A X7R Audi Accessories $885
Side skirts 8K0071685 X7R Audi Accessories $885
Trunk spoiler 8K5071645B X7R Audi Accessories $565
Rear diffuser 8K0071620C X7R Audi Accessories $760
*All prices are for painted parts from the Audi dealer. Unpainted parts are cheaper


80-grit sand paper, two tubes of ELCK P1 1K-PU adhesive, Meguiar's Cleaner Wax, microfiber towels, blue painter's tape, mini C-clamps, plastic blade. All necessary locating pucks, screws, washers, speed clips and push-pins were supplied with the body kit.

Next Month

In part two we'll look at our first B8 performance modifications for the Audi A4 2.0Tq, which will entail new brakes, suspension and wheels from Stasis Revo Group. This will get the chassis sorted before we increase power with a replacement turbo, software, intake, intercooler and exhaust.

Audi Genuine Accessories
By Ezekiel Wheeler
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