Most factory brake systems use rubber lines to transfer fluid to the brake caliper. Normally the brake fluid rests in the lines in a vacuum system, but under hard braking situations the master cylinder pushes the fluid through the lines like a wave. To transfer the motion the rubber lines must first expand slightly, causing a delay from the time you hit the brake pedal to when the caliper clamps the rotor. For faster braking on the Audi A5, Neuspeed has specifically engineered a set of performance brake lines that replace both front and rear factory rubber lines with an inner Teflon tube coated with a stainless steel braided weave. Not only is the delay eliminated for enhanced safety and braking, but the lines are more durable and give the brake pedal firmer feel.
Price: $229.95


Rotora’s Super Challenge brake system is designed to provide not only the benefits of a true track-specific setup, but also the durability and easy maintenance of the company’s line of Street Challenge systems. These competition-ready kits are equipped with all-new lightweight aluminum calipers in both four- and six-piston versions. They are engineered to offer weight reduction up to 15 percent without losing any performance. The rotors are full-floating two-piece discs with proprietary Anti-Rattle Extended Float Drive hardware. They are slotted, heat-treated, and ventilated with directional staggered-design vanes to increase thermal capacity and heat dissipation. A set of H9 carbon-metal pads come pre-loaded, and braided stainless lines are included to deliver quick pedal response and consistent brake pressure. Applications are available for Audi, BMW, and Porsche vehicles.
Price: Varies by application


While StopTech is known for its big brake kits, over the years the company has expanded its product line to include replacement and performance upgrade parts to enhance OEM braking systems. Brake pads are the determining factor in comfort, noise, accumulated brake dust, and overall stopping response. A harder pad material designed for use at the track will not be as responsive on the street since it must be heated in order to bite effectively. Conversely, a softer pad designed for street use will melt away under hard track use and the associated high temperatures. StopTech Street Performance brake pads use a para-aramid composite material that gives a good balance for both street and track use, combining comfort and performance for a variety of driving conditions.
Price: Varies by application


A perfect way to balance out a front big brake kit is to do a rear brake upgrade; after all, you don’t want your rear stoppers to have brake envy. But this also usually dictates a loss of the parking brake’s functionality. Wilwood has figured out a way to let you have your cake and eat it too with a rear big brake kit with integrated parking brake functionality. The kit features oversized 11.75-inch two-piece rotors, high performance calipers, and high friction BP-10 pads not only can you balance out your aesthetics but also even out your braking power and performance. Calipers are available in either black or red finishes.
Price: $952.66 - $1,067.64

Wilwood Engineering

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