Some of the best brake upgrades are typically factory original equipment pilfered from a vehicle’s more powerful or sportier brethren. The benefits of using OEM parts is that they are durable, give the peace of mind of a factory fit, and can clear almost any wheel. A classical example are the Mk V R32 345mm front brakes that can be applied to an Audi A3, Mk II TT, and all Mk V chassis Volkswagens. While it is possible to source these parts yourself, Autotech Sport Tuning has a one-stop shop combining all the parts needed into a ready-to-wear kit. Not only does the kit include the factory calipers, rotors, and dust shields, but Autotech also throws in stainless steel brake lines and performance brake pads.
Price: $1,299.95

Autotech Sport Tuning

As important as the oil and fuel coursing through your engine, brake fluid is the lifeblood of your brakes. Like all fluids, especially those subjected to constant heat, it will degrade over time and thus be unable to maintain the same pressure and braking capacity. Even on the shelf, stock brake fluid can be a ticking time-bomb with a limited shelf life, the main reason for the recommended brake fluid perfusion every two years or 24,000 miles under normal driving conditions. Motul’s 660 polyglycol high-performance brake fluid has dry (617) and wet (339) boiling points to withstand extreme driving and weather conditions, preventing vapor lock, and brake fade. Not only does Motul exceed DOT 3 and 4 standards, it comes packaged with nitrogen to increase shelf life, and prevent moisture accumulation and ultimately contamination, making it a worthwhile investment.
Price: $31.00 (500mL bottle)


The rotors take the brunt of braking force and are consistently abused from constant spinning and stopping. For this reason rotors are subject to numerous ailments. Excessive heat can build from the friction generated by the clamping pads to stop their rotation, and then cooling during normal driving makes them more prone to warping, causing vibration and possibly making them crack over time. When they’re at rest for long periods they can also be prone to rust. Power Slot rotors are machined with signature Vac-U-Slots that are cut in such a way that pushes out gas, dust, heat, and water from the brake pad surface, ensuring a better bite and reducing the risk of brake fade. While most rust will be scrubbed off the rotor surface during normal use, Power Slot’s non-friction rotor surfaces feature a durable black e-coat designed to prevent corrosion and rust and maintain their good looks.
Price: Varies by application

Power Slot

Any job dealing with brakes usually requires two people, one to bleed the line and the other to pump the pedal to remove the air from the lines. The problem is, finding someone to help you is like trying to find someone to help you move, no one wants to do it. However, pumping is the most critical part since even one bubble left in the system from changing the lines or replacing the fluid, could equal catastrophic brake failure. Motive Products has developed a simple to use power bleeder that eliminates the need for a second person and ensures the removal of air bubbles is done correctly and completely. Pumping the tank creates pressure which helps force the all the old fluid and air out once the caliper bleeder is cracked.
Price: $54.95

Motive Products

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