Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta
An elegant name for a beautiful tire, and so it should be, having been designed by the famous Giugiaro Design in Italy. One of my most memorable experiences came from this tire. Seated in the passenger seat of the Spyker barreling down a racetrack in Spain, these tires gripped the road as hardfast as I gripped my seat. My brother was lucky enough to have the ultra exclusive Ultrac Sessenta on his 2001 S4 and they complemented the performance and handling qualities while even adding another dimension to what the S4 is capable of. With the exclusivity of ownership and stunning design they truly are a showstopper.

• Parametric design, a mathematical formula designed to optimize tread construction, shape, and contours for each size tire
• Longitudinal design tread with four circumferential grooves is designed to reduce road noise and reduce the risk of aquaplaning
• Handling tuned sidewall helps maintain comfort while increasing contact with the road surface for a more direct steering feel
• Sizes: 17-20-inch Treadwear 280 Traction AA Temperance A


Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
The Pilot Sport PS2 tire was inspired by Formula One design and is outfitted on many of the top automobiles around the world, from Bugatti to Maybach to Porsche. Michelin is the go-to company for performance tires and is known for fulfilling the most demanding requests from demanding sportcars and supercars: more power, more handling, more grip. These are premium tires that come at a premium price, and I was fortunate to have a set of 235/35 19s on my 2003 A4 FWD. When these tires are pushed to perform on a daily basis they give quiet and well mannered performance, but after a maximum threshold value they taper off slowly losing a bit of their luster. The wick that burns hottest burns quickest.

• The inner grooved and sipes shoulder blocks of the asymmetric tread uses a 40-percent groove-to-rubber ratio to increase wet traction
• Outer shoulder blocks have a 30-percent groove-to-rubber ratio for increased dry traction
• Tread contains two different rubber compounds, each designed to enhance both wet and dry handling characteristics
• Sizes 17- 22-inch Treadwear 220 Traction AA Temperance A

Michelin North America, Inc

Nitto NT05
For more than a decade, a set of Nittos have at one time or another graced the wheels of one of my cars or a friends' car or even both. Nitto has a solid history of making a superior performing and long-lasting tire for an unbelievably great price. Whatever new compound they are using to get the great handling also gives off a weird odor for the first six months of the tire's life. However it's a small detail since the NT05 represents the best of their performance qualities-super-sticky, exceptional handling from the stiff sidewall construction, but yet so comfortable that you can take a long road trip with no complaints. Keep in mind, they are a track oriented tire, so during heavy rains a greater attentiveness is needed at the wheel.

• The large inner and outer shoulder blocks and continuous center rib are designed to provide stability during cornering and breaking
• Special formulated tread compound and reinforced internal construction designed to maximize dry performance
• Sizes: 17- 20-inch Treadwear 200 Traction AA Temperance A

Nitto Tire USA

Toyo T1-R
Toyo T1-R has a good balance of wet and dry performance qualities which came in handy for this past year's weird weather in LA-rainy one week and hot the next. The tire itself looks aggressive and the tire pattern is striking -it complemented my 19-inch Neuspeed silver rims perfectly. Whenever I parked, I unconsciously always kept the wheel turned for all to admire. But at the tire's half-life, due to the unidirectional tread pattern, they started to acquire a wooing sound when the car came to a stop, decelerating from 10 mph to zero.

• Generation S silica-reinforced tread compound reduces heat, gives the tire a higher wet coefficient of friction, and ultimately giving the tire a perfect balance between wet and dry performance
• V-shaped main grooves reduce the chance of hydroplaning Specially engineered high-modulus bead apex rubber and casing, wide high-tensile steel belts, spiral-wound jointless edge and cap plies increases steering response and high-speed stability
• The ultra-high molecular polymer enhances tread compound with rigid shoulder rib-bands and promotes optimal even wear
• Trial offer: 500 miles or 45 days
• Sizes: 14- 22-inch Treadwear 280 Traction AA Temperance A

Toyo Tires USA
Phone: (800) 442-8696

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