Bridgestone Potenza RE 050A Pole Position tire with Unit
The name is a mouthful and they probably should have stuck with just Potenza, which means power in Italian and is representative of what the tire brings to a vehicle. Outside Phoenix, I had the opportunity to participate in the Mercedes AMG Experience at the Firebird International Raceway. The AMG E63 that I drove was a monster-uber power and uber torque and it takes an equally powerful tire to tame this beast, especially around a long course under a blazing Arizona sun. Under the most extreme S-curves and every corner representable by Euclidean geometry, I was still unable to break the tires loose. They held steadfast and strong lap after lap.

• Uni-T is a combination of three primary technologies designed to improve the tire casing, bead and tread
• Circumferential groves and 3-D tread block shapes channel water away from the tread reducing the risk of hydroplaning
• Block and Slick tread design improves traction and breaking
• High lateral stiffness block and semi-slick center rib combine to improve cornering and handling response
• Sizes 16- 20-inch Treadwear 280 Traction AA Temperance A

Bridgestone Americas Tire

Hankook Ventus V12 EVO
Hankook's South Korean state-of-the-art test facility can stimulate every driving condition known to man and probably even some that we don't know about or have yet to experience. They had a unique bull's eye-shaped skidpad with each circle simulating a different road type (from Phillipino asphalt to Autobahn concrete) in wet conditions. The A4 Quattro I was test driving was equipped with Hankook's Ventus V12 evo which were so super sticky that they held throughout the entire 360 circle. These all around great tires outperformed my expectations in braking, handling, and endurance tests. At the end of the day, I had a newfound respect and awe for these Korean-made slicks.

• The tread blocks located on either side of the solid center tracking rib utilize diverse angles on the edge of the tread blocks creating a 3-D effect that helps maintain even contact with the road surface optimizing handling and braking
• High Tg Polymer & Specific Resin(HPSR) tread compound increases wet traction and decreases wet braking distance
• High-density nylon reinforcement belt located below the tread reinforces the tire structure and ensures even distribution of pressure during cornering
• Wide linear grooves, aggressively Y-shape channels, and Multiple Tread Radius (MTR) help drain water away, increasing the tire to ground contact area
• Sizes: 17- 21-inch Treadwear Traction AA Temperance A

Hankook Tire

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