BFG g-Force Sport
My behind-the-wheel experience with the BFG g-Force Sport was limited to a 20-mile test drive through back roads of the Santa Monica Mountains. The tires were installed on a friend's 1999 BMW 528i and only had few thousand miles in the corners. The tires held their own especially for a car of that size and mileage. The ride was a little rough but I think that had more to do with the 80k miles the stock suspension had on it than the tires.

• g-Control sidewall inserts during cornering help resist deflection, resulting in greater stability
• Dimensionally-stable polyester carcass has been enhanced with the ETEC (Equal Tension Containment) System , a spiral-wrapped reinforcement placed below the tread designed to stabilize and reinforce, increasing strength and maneuverability
• Two deep, wide circumferential rain channels help disperse water to increase wet traction
• Sizes 17- 20-inch Treadwear 340 Traction AA Temperance A


Continental ExtremeContact DW
I have always had good luck with Contis. From day one, my A3's Privat rims were wrapped in a set of SportContact 2 tires that were heavily abused, subjected to DSG burn-outs, and at one time or another driven over every pothole and bad street L.A. has to offer. Not only did they last over 30k miles but even up to the balding end they were still performing. My relationship with the ExtremeContact DW's has not been as involved, but we did spend some meaningful track time together during one hell of a day at the California Speedway. After putting the ExtremeContact DW through a battery of wet and dry tests, their outstanding handling and braking showed that they belonged in the Continental family of performance tires.

• Tuned indicators in the tread informs driver of the tires performance level dry or wet
• Dynamic Temperature Distribution reduces tread distortion, which reduces heat and rolling resistance, and increases tread-life
• High void to tread ratio with enhanced groove pattern allows water to be quickly evacuated to optimize wet performance
• 45-degree angles cut tread blocks maximize contact with the road surface and increase dry performance
• Sizes 16- 21-inch Treadwear 340 Traction AA Temperance A

Continental Tire

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