Most GPS-enabled cell phones use some type of navigation or mapping software. They're great when you're walking the streets of an unfamiliar town, but problems often surface when you try to use them in a moving vehicle. The main problem is mounting the phone so you get a good GPS signal lock while still allowing you to access the phone's buttons and hear the directions. Magellan has developed a premium car kit that, when used in conjunction with the company's RoadMate app, will transform an iPhone or iPod Touch into a complete in-car navigation system. The phone cradle offers a secure mounting location, charging station, built-in GPS receiver, amplified speaker for clear directions, and a noise-cancelling microphone for hands-free calling. The use of the Magellan Premium Car Kit is not restricted for use only with RoadMate will work with all navigation applications.
App: $79.99
Premium Car Kit: $129.99

MiTAC Digital Corp

The problem with drive-by-wire throttle systems is that they can give an unbalanced, non-progressive throttle feel. You may feel you have to floor the gas just to get the car to move with any authority. There's a sensor located on the fuel pedal that converts the angle of the pedal into a digital signal that is then relayed to the ECU, which instructs the throttle body on what to do. The Sprint Booster unit is installed between the pedal sensor and the ECU and is designed to intercept and modify the electronic signals to increase pedal sensitivity and throttle response, and eliminate throttle delays. $329.99

Sprint Booster

"Got a check engine light? Stop by and we'll check it out for freeeee!" How many times have you heard that one? To get rid of that light, about your only options include specialty service shops, spending $250 on software and cables for use on a laptop, or-the last resort-visiting the dreaded dealership. Starting at just $59.95, ECS Tuning offers its V-Checker Scanner Basic, a small handheld device for most late-model Audis and VWs that really can check and clear fault codes and reset service lights. If you're looking for a device that can do a little more, the Pro version works on almost all modes and can also view data from measuring blocks and perform adaptations. $59.95 (base); $109.95 (Pro)

ECS Tuning

Always running late because you're spending time sitting in your car holding that button to get your convertible top up or down? Or when it's really hot, having to get in the car and wait to roll down all the windows and let the pent-up heat escape? Now you can end the waiting with the Mods4cars remoteKEY, a module that interfaces with the with the factory electronics, allowing the driver to open and close the windows or sunroof with a push of button and giving you complete control through your key fob. Every Mods4cars smartTOP module features a mini USB port, allowing it to be easily updated to the latest software releases. Applications: Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Volvo $299


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