According to the company, Pioneer’s AppRadio is the first in-vehicle product designed to utilize the processing power, storage capacity, network connectivity and applications of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. It also features a capacitive touchscreen that enables control of most functions using similar touch and motion gestures as many of today’s most popular smartphones, but in a larger 6.1-inch screen designed for safe in-vehicle operation. AppRadio also has a built-in Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling and an input for an optional rear-facing backup camera. $399


Raceland’s Exhaust Cut Out exhaust bypass system allows vehicle owners the ability to control their exhaust with the simple click of a button. When installed, the system allows rerouting of exhaust flow to avoid power-restricting mufflers or resonators to enhance performance as well as sound. The included wireless remote activates an electric flapper valve in the bypass system. With the flapper closed, exhaust gases flow as the factory intended. With the flapper open, the exhaust gases are allowed to either bypass the exhaust restriction or immediately exit the vehicle. The Exhaust Cut Out is full stainless steel with heat-wrapped electronics. It is available in 2.5- or 3-inch diameters and will work universally on any automobile or SUV using these diameters.


Parrot’s Minikit+ is a portable, hands-free car kit designed to enable users to simultaneously manage two Bluetooth-capable mobile phones and remain completely hands-free. The company’s Dual Mode multipoint technology allows the integration of both a personal and business phone, for example, into the device and associate unique ring tones for each. The Minikit+ automatically synchronizes its directory with the connected mobile phones and can memorize up to 2,000 contacts per device. It is compatible with all Bluetooth-capable mobile phones and smartphones; up to 10 devices may be paired with the unit. $89


Wheel of the Month

TSW’s Interlagos is formed using an advanced production technique called rotary forging. The rim of the wheel is forged at high pressure while the wheel is rotated at high speeds, altering the molecular structure and enhancing the alloy strength. Weight savings are enhanced, particularly at the outer rim to drastically reduce rotational mass. TSW claims around 20 pounds overall for a 9x19. Numerous sizes are available, from 7.5x17 up to 11x20 in a five-lug pattern. Contact for pricing.


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