Just 99mm tall, Turbosmart’s new 40mm external wastegate was designed to fit into tight engine bays while still offering great flow and heat handling capabilities. The new actuator housing is 25 percent smaller than the current range, allows for easy spring changes, and gives the ability to index the cap orientation in 12 positions. It uses a one-piece stainless steel valve and a 7-psi spring, inlet and outlet weld flanges, and includes a collar removal tool.


Macht Schnell’s Stage 1 Intake Charge Kit for the E90-series BMW 335i offers a direct-replacement air filter combined with the company’s Intake Charge Scoops (ICS) for maximum air delivery to the turbocharged N54. The ICS pieces are made from near-indestructible polyurethane with a smooth inner radius to direct airflow to the intake snorkel. The high-performance panel filter uses washable, reusable cotton gauze with multi-layer pleats to allow maximum flow while maintaining critical protection levels. Similar Stage 1 kits are also offered for the E46 and E90-series M3, and 135i.

Macht Schnell

If you’re looking for new ways to mount your GoPro camera, like hanging it off a rollbar or cage, check out UPR’s solution. The rugged aluminum mount will securely fix the camera to any tube in your car, with no flex to blur your shot or plastic to transfer vibrations. And with the benefits of a 360-degree heavy duty steel ball mount, positioning the unit for that perfect angle is easy. With the included safety tether for insurance, you can even hang the camera out the car. Available for 1 through 2-inch tube diameters.

Upr Racing Supply

The biggest complaint with the PDK-equipped Porsches was that they initially used push-pull mechanisms on the steering wheel for do-it-yourself shifts rather than a more traditional paddle setup. TechArt offers a solution, true paddle shifters (left hand for downshift, right for upshift) that can be applied to all Porsche sport steering wheels and multifunction wheels equipped with the original PDK switches.

CEC/TechArt North America

Petrol’s Seville is a hard-cut mesh, three-piece wheel with sleek cast centers and a smooth, roll-forged outer lip. Various finishes include a gloss gold, silver with a machine-cut face and chrome lip, and matte black with a gloss black lip. The Seville is available in a variety of staggered applications in 19, 20, and 22 inches, and is intended for a variety of five-lug passenger cars and midsize SUVs. From $870

Petrol wheels

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