The BMW Performance steering wheel features integrated instrumentation to display critical drive data right where your eyes naturally focus. EAS has taken this trick unit a step further and "reinvented the wheel" with high-quality Nappa leather and trigger grips molded into the nine and three positions for a more ergonomic grip. It features a flat-bottom design to facilitate comfortable ingress and egress and includes shift indicator lights.the integrated LCD display can display such information as lap times, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, and temperature data.

RS progressive rate spring kits from NM Engineering are engineered to provide an ultra responsive ride, even sharper handling characteristics, and a more attractive lowered ride height for your MINI Cooper. They are wound in Germany under strict ISO9002 standards using exacting spring rates and precise manufacturing techniques. Just in case you thought your MINI motoring experience couldn't get any better. Now available for the Cooper Convertible (R57).
NM Engineering

Rotora's Super Challenge brake systems are designed to meet the demands of race enthusiasts, but also to offer the durability and easy maintenance of Rotora's current Street Challenge systems. These competition-ready kits are equipped with all-new Super Challenge lightweight forged calipers (four- and six-piston), constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for a 15 percent weight reduction over standard street calipers without sacrificing stiffness. These are paired with full floating two-piece slotted rotors with directional staggered vanes for increased thermal capacity and heat dissipation. Details include ventilated titanium piston inserts in the calipers and aluminum mounting brackets for further reduction of unsprung weight.

Waxing your ride is now faster and easier than ever with the unique new Gel Wax from Eagle One. It reduces time spent and effort expended because it doesn't need to "haze" or dry after application. Just apply wax to one section of your vehicle at a time, wipe off immediately, and enjoy the shine. Gel Wax is made with natural carnauba and special polishers formulated to produce a high-durability finish, and additional benefits include no unsightly white residue or discoloration of black trim or molding.
Eagle One

Wheel of the Month
The Werfen GT-03 from SSR is a three-piece alloy wheel made using SSR's signature Semi Solid Forging (SSF) process for high operating integrity and the lowest possible weight. Because it's made up of an outer rim, inner rim, and center portion, the GT-03 is available in a range of offsets to ensure proper fitment to your particular vehicle. Available in a Searchlight Silver finish.
SSR Wheels

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