We drive a great many modified cars throughout the year. For the most part we treat them with kids gloves for fear of breaking someone's "baby." When I took the keys of this supercharged Audi I was given a simple command: Drive the shit out of it.

Not one to tempt fate, I spent the first dozen miles just putting around in no particular hurry. The R8 didn't seem to care. It slogs along with the same stoic nature regardless of speed. As the road opened I slammed the accelerator home, not knowing what to expect. In an instant, the R8 transformed itself into a raging monster, the screaming engine snapping heads in my direction. By the time they looked up, I was gone, maybe down a wormhole or something. Its forward thrust is brutal, more urgent than a V10, like a Gallardo on amphetamines. In a ridiculously short span the car had breached 100 mph and had no intention of slowing down. I did the same thing again, going from a sedate 30 mph to triple digits. The g-forces are like something from an amusement park ride and you can't help but giggle at the insanity of it.

I did this for several hours, just enjoying the sensation of speed. I couldn't really say how well the car handled as I mostly just wanted to see how much farther I could swing the speedometer. The mad joy from that alone is worth the cost of admission.- Les Bidrawn

SUNOCO GT100 $8.50/gallon
MSRP TOTAL $24,958.50
VF Engineering
1365 North Dynamics Street
Suite E
CA  92806
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