Bosch oil filter

Bosch doesn't just make auto electrics and wiper blades. Far from it. Amid a diverse portfolio that includes solar energy and washing machines lies the humble oil filter. Actually, it's not so humble since the newest Bosch Long Life filter is made to deal with synthetic and semi-synthetic lubrication. It can apparently capture up to 99.5% of microscopic pollutants for 10,000 miles. Bosch says it can trap up to 22 grams of contaminants without clogging. There are applications to cover 93% of vehicles on America's roads. From $9.99.

StatiCap center caps

Whenever a car is stationary, the center caps on the wheels will always be upright with these StatiCaps. So far, the only marque they work with is BMW, Bentley and Rolls Royce, limiting the appeal somewhat. Accompanying each set is a special tool to remove the old caps and attach the new. The company offers a choice of more than 24 logos, flags and other graphics. $350.

Drift HD Ghost camera

For people who attach cameras to their crash helmets, cars or motorbikes, this new video camera comes complete with everything necessary to get you started. However, the HD Ghost stands outs because it comes with a two-way remote control that can send a command to the camera, which will respond by displaying what mode it's in - an advantage over some competitors where the mode isn't very clear. The modes include video quality, still photo and continuous loop recording. The 2" screen is made from tough Gorilla Glass and up to three hours recording time is available from the battery pack. It's also waterproof up to 9ft (or more with a special waterproof housing). It's even wifi enabled. $399.

Bilstein B16 ridecontrol

We recently heard about the new Bilstein B16 ridecontrol coilover suspension system that allows the driver to tailor the car's handling with six different stiffness settings. These include Sport, Comfort and Sport+ modes. There are even expert settings and in-depth calibration menus available. The kit offers a lowering range between 30-50mm, and the system has been track tested on the Nurburgring. No word on when the kit will hit US Shores but keep an eye on the website. $TBD.

Optrix Accessories

For the past few months we've been showcasing the latest innovations from our friends at Optrix, creators of rugged iPhone camera solutions. They're perfect for anybody in motorsport or extreme sports enthusiast. We recently received a box in the mail with its latest Super Sucker mounting system, the mounting case, and a smaller universal suction cup mount. We mounted them to our project E46 M3 and snagged these photos. The Super Sucker uses a vacuum pump to remove air on the mounting surface for a secure hold under any circumstance. Swapping between mounts required a bit of time but it's straightforward. The smaller sucker mount system is also very secure, holding firm and is easy to transfer from one place to another. We suggest giving it a wiggle before you set off on a track run to ensure its on tight, but the neck is adjsutable for better angles. Stay tuned as we hope to put the mounts through their paces at a later date. And don't forget the Optrix iPhone app that overlays a speed readout onto your videos.

iPad Cases

With the iPad becoming an indispensible tool in a variety of situations, we've all seen photos of that "oops" moment when an iPad got dropped and shattered the glass. And as we find more outdoor uses for these tablets, we thought we'd take a look at some of the tougher cases to protect the device.

First was the Ballistic Tough Jacket iPad 2 case (in black at bottom). Figuring out how the pieces went together without looking at the instructions (we're men after all) was tricky and juvenile. But once sorted out the case seemed to be most functional. It has a silicone protective housing with a plastic shell to give it support, as well as a removable cover that can clip over the screen or the back when not in use. There's also a kickstand to allow upright viewing. It wasn't excessively bulky and the soft corners will absorb the impact of fall. $69.99.

Second up was the G-Form Extreme Portfolio (iPad 1, 2 and 3 in quilted black). This seemed to be the "technologically enhanced" version of the three. It's a zippered case constructed from a material that changes its molecular structure upon impact. That said, it was difficult to squeeze your iPad into, and the most awkward to hold. The iPad is secured by a rubber tab in each corner, and the lid/cover can carry small items if required. It was perhaps our least favorite but offered great protection nonetheless. $69.99.

Lastly, the military-duty armored Survivor Case from Griffin Technology was designed for the iPad 2 and 3. Ours came in bright red with a black housings and kick stand. It felt like you were putting together a Lego set, but was perhaps the most comfortable of the bunch. You place it inside a plastic case and the silicone sleeve fits tightly around it. This was easy to deploy and looked good when it was in action. It even had pull-away silicone tabs that keep the exterior camera lens and buttons out of harm's way. Since the Armored case passed the Mil-STD-810F military field test, we trust we aren't the only ones who were impressed by this rugged case. $79.99.

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