V-Checker Scan Tools

If diagnosing problems with VW/Audi engines is a part of your life, think about getting one of these: The Basic V-Checker reads and erases fault codes, and will reset service reminder lights. This unit works for pre-Controller Area Network (CAN) VW/Audi vehicles from 1996-2004. For connection to other OBDII-equipped models, including 2005-up, there's the V-Checker Pro, which comes in a zippered soft case. Basic $59.95, Pro $109.95. ecstuning.com

HRE Series S1 wheels

An HRE wheel is a thing of beauty. Continuing that tradition is the new Series S1 three-piece forged wheels. There are three different five-spoke variations (S101, S104 and S107) with diameters ranging from 19-22" and widths stretching between 7-14". There's also the option of titanium assembly hardware. From $2200 per wheel. hrewheels.com

Forge A4 2.0T hose kit

Forge Motorsport has a great reputation for performance parts. Its latest is a silicone boost hose kit for the B8 Audi A4 2.0T (2008-up). An easy replacement, the company claims "significantly greater ability to withstand higher boost pressures and temperatures." Forge also reckons its product will last longer than the factory equivalents. The kit is available in red, black or blue. $210. forgemotorsport.com

AWE vent-mounted gauge

Increasing the performance of your turbo engine requires a boost gauge to monitor performance. Luckily, AWE Tuning has one that fits neatly into the cabin decor of the 2012 Jetta GLI. The assembly, slats and all fits into the dash to the left of the steering wheel. What's more, the vent will still function normally. Backlit by LEDs, the 52mm gauge reads from 0-30psi boost and 30-zero inHg of vacuum. It requires an AWE boost hose (or something similar) to connect to the engine's vacuum source. $199.95. awe-tuning.com

HRE FlowForm wheels

HRE introduced its new FlowForm cast wheels series at SEMA in 19 and 20" sizes. The name comes from a low-pressure, flow-forming casting process, which are engineered and tested to the same standards as it's forged wheels. However, these won't dent the wallet as deeply. They come in gloss silver or satin black finishes and will fit a host of modern bolt patterns, with 18" on the horizon. From $725 per wheel. hrewheels.com

Black BMW grilles

It's not often the words "piano" and "tuning" appear together in a car magazine, but here goes: Introducing piano-black kidney grilles from ECS Tuning for the BMW 535i; specifically, the F10 5 Series that debuted in 2010. Fashioned from impact-resistant ABS plastic, these gloss black kidneys can be swapped over in minutes, but are suitable only for models without the night vision function. $79.95. ecstuning.com

034 upper control arms

Lowering the ride height can present problems for the suspension geometry. A situation not helped by solid, non-adjustable upper control arms such as those in the 1994-2001 B5 Audi A4. So 034 Motorsport is offering adjustable front upper control arms for this and several other VW/Audi models, with a wide range of camber adjustment. Lowered cars can achieve the optimum camber and wheel alignment, avoiding uneven tire wear, while enjoying more precise handling. $475. 034motorsport.com

Neuspeed RSe05 wheels

Clean, classy and functional. What more could we ask from a lightweight wheel like the new Neuspeed RSe05? Compatible with OEM center caps, lug bolts and tire pressure monitors, these 17" rims offer widths from 7.5-8.5", weighing from just 16.5 lb. They're made for VW, Audi, Mini and even the Fiat 500. They should clear most big brake kits without spacers or adapters. Choose from silver, gunmetal, satin black, white or red. $259 per wheel. neuspeed.com

ECS vent-mounted gauge

Made to blend with the instrumentation of the 2004-2011 E9X BMW 3 Series, ECS Tuning has the same orange backlighting, typeface and driver-oriented angle for its vent-mounted, 42mm gauge that displays boost and vacuum. Buyers can stipulate which side of the center vents they'd like their new dial to reside. Wiring, tubing, connectors, tie wraps and instructions come as part of the kit. $189.95. ecstuning.com

aFe Scorcher

BMW owners with the N20/N26, N54/N55 engines (turbo fours and sixes) can access more performance with aFe's Scorcher module. It alters pressure sensor signals for optimum boost over the rev range. Turbo lag is reportedly cut, throttle response improved and the powerband widened. The company claims up to an extra 53hp and 80 lb-ft of torque. "All-weather" connectors need no mods to the factory harness, and installation takes about 30min. $502.95. afepower.com

iStabilizer Dolly

Keeping a camera or smartphone steady while recording video is a challenge. However, the people at iStabilizer developed a compact, cost effective way of getting smooth, low-angle shots. Its aluminum deck uses rollerblade wheels and comes with everything you need to start shooting. It even has steering angles marked on the deck so you can lock the wheels to any radius you need. With three mounting points for the multi-joint arm, stabilizing the rig is easy and intuitive. You can push it toward your subject or tie a string around the mounting point and take it for a walk. It can secure your average smartphone (2.5" wide or less), a GoPro or even your DSLR. $59.95. istabilizer.com

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