Earthquake 1/2" Impact Wrench

Now with better weight distribution and lighter materials, the Central Pneumatic Earthquake impact gun is now available through Harbor Freight Tools. Capable of 700 lb-ft of torque thanks to premium grade components, this gun ranks at the top of its class.


Wheel & Tire Bags

Transporting wheels and tires for track or show can be a messy business. So Richbrook Sport Auto Accessories has developed a stylish and economical transport bag that fits anybody’s budget. With sturdy handles, zip-up carrying case and integrated wheel bolt storage, it’s hard not to consider a set. Available sizes range from 14"-18" wheels, and tires up to 245mm width.

$44.72 (set of 4).

Atomik RC Brian Deegan MM 450 FMX Dirt Bike

We were delighted when Atomik RC sent us its new ¼-scale Brian Deegan MM450 Radio Control FMX Dirt Bike. As a great Christmas gift, the MM450 R/C stands almost knee-high and is equipped with a sturdy foam Deegan rider, rechargeable battery, charger and Metal Mulisha sticker sheet. It’s ready-to-run, out of the box. Charged and underway, the foam Deegan holds on remarkably well a once we’d mastered the controls of Atomik’s ground-breaking electronic gyroscopic stabilization in the rear wheel. Using a 4200Kv brushless motor (spinning at over 12000rpm), the gyro keeps the bike upright, even at low speed. This gives you surprising control and there’s more than enough dirt-roosting power. Along with adjustable suspension, it creates a realistic scaled dirt bike experience. A unique feature of the Atomik RC MM450 is its tuning ability. Front and rear shocks can be upgraded to handle almost any terrain. Super Moto tires, optional rear sprockets, chain tensioners, a wheelie bar and even a front disk brake upgrade can all be purchased on Atomik RC’s website. The Atomik RC Brian Deegan MM 450 might seem a little pricey but we’ve found it very sturdy. The controls are relatively easy to master and a charge lasts about 15min of fun.


ECS 1.8T Oil Pan

Cracked oil pans are a major issue for gravity-challenged 1.8T applications. So ECS Tuning has brought a sleeker profile and robust replacement. Its Hybrid Oil Pan is a two-piece construction combining a cast aluminum crankcase (for weight reduction) and stamped steel bottom (for strength and impact resistance). The part fits all Mk1 Audi TT, Golf, Jetta, New Beetle, and 337/20AE with the 1.8T engine.


Flowmaster Mk4 Jetta Exhaust

Looking for the perfect exhaust note? Flowmaster Mufflers is here to offer yet another choice to add to your list. Its new Mk4 Jetta cat-back system is 50-state legal and dyno-tested for optimum performance. It also looks good with a set of stainless steel tips.


Snap-On Mobile Workstation

Keeping your garage organized is the key to completing any project in a reasonable amount of time. Snap-On has introduced this multi-draw Mobile Workstation with heavy-duty locking castor wheels to get your tools exactly where they need to be. Easy-grip handles and large wheels make pushing the cart easier, while the smooth top makes accessing and storing tools simple and efficient.


DeskPet Carbot

Looking to blow-off some steam after motivating yourself to finish the workday? Carbots are the perfect way to hone your iPhone RC driving skills and enjoy some quality time with your fellow employees; or straight up annoy them. We found the controls a little slow but that didn’t stop us organizing some races as part of an employee bonding program.


Contour+2 HD Camera

The high-performance compact HD camera wars are hotting up again. Adding to the excitement is Conctour’s new and durable +2 HD camera with a built in GPS receiver that enables you to track speed, elevation and distance from the convenience of the Contour smartphone app – which also doubles as a remote control.


Eibach Boxster Springs & Spacers

The new Porsche Boxster is proving to be the great driver’s car we all knew it was. And Eibach wants to enhance the experience with a set of its 40mm lowering springs and Pro-Spacers. Go ahead, get the 20" wheel option, push them out and lower the center of gravity. You’ll enjoy the car more when it looks and handles better.


V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Headphones

Superior headphones are on everybody’s wish list, and the V-Moda LP2 brings you a personalized, luxury experience. The aluminum shields on each earpiece are customizable to showcase either a logo, your name or initials. The robust carrying case has compartments for your kevlar wires and gold-plated adapters. Having tested them, these are the crispest sounding headphones we’ve encountered in a long time. Deep, clear bass, and enough padding to drown out background noise were perfect for listening to Pandora channels. We adorned a set of V-Moda LP2 headphones with both the european car and eurotuner logos – we’ve since given them away on Facebook.


Toyo Proxes RR

Shaving an extra tenth-of-a- second could come down to one major factor – your tires. So Toyo has introduced its DOT-approved RR competition tires. Superb for NASA and SCCA competition, the RR is a dual-grooved slick with a 4/32" tread depth, so no shaving is required. They’re true shelf-to-track dry racing tires available in 15" and 18" diameters.


ECS CSL Wheels

While our European counterparts have all the fun stuff, it doesn’t mean we can’t still benefit from what’s out there. Take the BMW M3 CSL, for example. This pumped-up E46 never made it state-side but its mesh wheels are legendary. Fortunately, ECS is doing its best to bring the CSL to the us piece-by-piece. Right now, the original lightweight wheels are here for all M3 fans looking to change things up and bring down the unsprung weight. Available in the original 19x8.5" and 9.5".


Meguiar’s Headlight Protectant

Yellowing headlights suck, but restoring them is easier than throwing down some Benjamins to replace them. But what about protecting them after the work is done? Meguiar’s has introduced its new Headlight Protectant that acts like sunblock for your lamps. It blocks the harmful UV rays that ruin your car’s vision, helping to maintain lighting quality.


Mothers One-Step VLR

Interiors are becoming more complicated to clean. Metals, glass, leather, rubber, ceramic, aluminum, etc. Fortunately, Mothers has a solution. Its new one-step VLR (vinyl, leather, rubber) restores original luster while protecting against UV rays. Simply spray on a micro-fiber cloth and wipe across any surface for the perfect shine.


Akrapovic F10 M5 Exhaust

The latest 560hp BMW M5 twin-turbo V8 had achieved legendary status before it even rolled out of a dealership. However, that 4.4L V8 needs a wake-up, because it’s just too quiet for some tastes. So Akrapovic introduced its new Evolution Line exhaust system that will ensure everybody knows you’re sporting a V8 and not the 528i four-cylinder. The system is claimed to add a healthy 10hp and 12 lb-ft to this already well-endowned machine.


Foliatec Spray-Film

Finding cheap ways to alter the appearance of your car is relatively easy when items like Foliatec’s Spray-Film is available. Offered in eight new colors, including yellow, green, orange, gunmetal and white, you simply spray it on your chosen surface and enjoy the results. Then, when you’re tired of one color, simply peel it off and shoot another coat of Spray-Film.

$45 (two 400ml cans)

Royal Purple Coolant Additive

Reformulated as a multi-stage coolant additive, Purple Ice is claimed to help reduce engine temps by as much as 7-10˚F when added to a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. The product will also push temps down between 15-25˚F when added to straight water.


Phocus 2 Lens Bundle

Even though the iPhone 5 has arrived, the iPhone 4/4s remains the phone with the most multi-media versatility at present. The Phocus 2, for example, is a lightweight macro lens kit with the ability to mount to a tripod or even add an external microphone. We took it to our local Cars & Coffee gathering and enjoyed the crisp images and good sound quality recording (see


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