KW DDC Coilovers

The coveted KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) is now available for the first-gen Audi TT as well as select VW and BMW applications. The DDC allow users to control the ride quality remotely from their Apple device using three designated settings: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. KW offers two versions of the DDC coilover kits, including a Plug-&-Play system to replace factory OEM electronic damper systems, or the KW DDC ECU, which is retrofitted to your vehicle and utilizes an illuminated dash-mounted button to switch between settings, or uses the DDC app on your Apple device.

Banks VW Golf TDI Exhaust

Now available for your Mk6 Golf TDI, the Banks Monster Exhaust System is a good option if you’re looking to spice up your diesel-sipper and, of course, increase performance as well. With 2.25" diameter piping throughout, the exhaust is said to almost completely eliminate back pressure, freeing horsepower, response and flow, while netting better gas mileage and cooling. Aside from the obvious, your TDI will finally have a more sinister growl, and the look of the polished oval tip doesn’t hurt, either.

Mothers Metal Polish

Clean, polish and protect any bare metal surface with Mothers California Gold liquid metal polish. No matter if it’s aluminum, billet, stainless steel, nickel or brass, this magic concoction will make it gleam. You can get the job done with an applicator or even the Mothers Powerball.

V-maxx big brake kit

Over the last two years, V-maxx has been rigorously testing its new big brake kits to ensure the best possible performance, safety and to meet strict TüV approval. Being approved is no easy task, so you can be confident in the quality of these stoppers.

With three sizes available – 295mm, 330mm and 350mm – all utilizing two-piece floating rotors and four-piston calipers, V-maxx has you covered. And if you’re feeling more track than street, you can opt for Ferodo track pads and stainless steel braided lines. While the range is still growing to cover all the Euro bases, these kits are currently available for Audi, BMW and VW, with Mini and Fiat in development.

Rogue Status Snap-on box

Gearheads are always looking to give their garage more personality, and the collaboration between Snap-on and Rogue Status will do just that. The tool storage system has urban-themed graphics and intense colors, that go to show you can have more attitude from your toolbox.

Toyo Proxes 4 Plus

Tires are important to any performance-minded driver, and Toyo has introduced the Proxes 4 Plus, labeled as the ultimate high-performance all-weather tires. Since it’s best to be prepared for random shifts inweather, while still being able to lay down competitive track times, the new covers have been designed with high-powered sports cars in mind. If you’re unsure about what tires to buy, consider thatToyo provides a 50,000-mile warranty and a 45-day, 500-mile trial offer.

aFe E46 Exhaust System

Popular among BMW enthusiasts, the two- and four-door variants of the E46 325i and 330i still offer plenty of tuning opportunities. Proving this, the new aFe Power Mach Force exhaust system produces a claimed 13hp and 15 lb-ft. Constructed from MIG-welded, 2.25" mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel and finished with 304 dual-walled stainless steel tips, the aFe system is a true dual-in and dual-out exhaust, said to produce quality gains and a wonderful tone.

ECS Flywheel & Clutch Kits

Looking to plant newfound horsepower and torque to the tarmac? ECS Tuning has released its RA4 lightweight flywheel and performance clutch kits for the B5/B6 Audi A4 1.8T. The flywheel has been on the Atkins diet, shedding more than half the weight of the stock part, coming in at 12 lb. Translation: it’s like finding extra power off the line. Combined with an oversized clutch with sprung-hub discs, and you have a great package for freeway jams or unbridled performance at the track.

AWE TSI KO4 Turbo Kit

AWE Tuning has developed a K04 Turbo kit for the 2012 Jetta and 2012 CC 2.0TSI. The kit is reportedly capable of producing 370hp and 360 lb-ft at the crank, while maintaining factory safety and emissions standards. Essentially giving you a more responsive turbo, it also produces smoother power delivery. The factory fuel injectors and pump are retained.

Euro Headlight Switch

The Europeans always seem to get more features than US-bound vehicles, and ECS Tuning aims to right some of these wrongs with its Euro-Spec headlight switch for F-chassis BMWs. Some of these vehicles were equipped with rear foglights by the manufacturer, just like their European cousins, so this plug-in ECS switch might allow you to gain some hidden features.

Black Forest Transmission Mounts

Now available for your Mk5 and Mk6 GTI or Jetta, both manual and DSG, the BFI transmission mounts are a must-have upgrade. The stock mounts are fine for stock levels of horsepower or low mileage, but eventually the rubber gets old, creating excessive movement, which equates to lost power. There are two stages available, one at 65a durometer for quieter street duty, and stage two at 85a durometer for track abuse. BFI mounts are said to have good driving characteristics thanks to the large bushing surface area, so maximum vibration is absorbed instead of being transmitted throughout the car, and worse, the interior.

AEM Wideband Failsafe Gauge

Instead of the usual wideband air/fuel gauge, AEM’s new Failsafe unit not only monitors the air/fuel ratio but is programmable to prevent you blowing the motor in a lean fuel situation.

Most computers can’t act fast enough to protect the motor if something goes wrong during a full-throttle pull, but the AEM gauge can react quickly to communicate with a piggyback system or other unit. Let’s say you run lean, you can set the gauge to retard timing, cut revs, bleed-off boost or trigger a warning light. For something so small, the AEM Wideband Failsafe gauge goes a long way.

Forge motorsport Intercooler & Reservoir Caps

Forge builds some of the industry’s best intercoolers and machined parts. Its new Spec XXL Intercooler and windscreen washer reservoir cap for the first-gen Audi TT add to the impressive catalog. Their intercooler measures 23.6x11.8" with a 2.75" core, which should lower charge temperatures while also maintaining the OEM fitment.

Forge is also offering a CNC’d washer reservoir cap in either black or polished finishes with both 52mm or 54mm diameters.,

Brabus MonoBlock R Wheel

As one of the leading Mercedes-Benz tuners, Brabus is known for powerful performance, and the release of its new MonoBlock R wheel is aimed at adding even more style to th catalog. First seen at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, the MonoBlock R is available from 18-20".
Starting at $851

Bavarian Autosport Sway Bars

Available for the BMW 3 Series from 1992-2011 as well as the 1 Series, Bavarian Autosport sway bars are a good option if you’d like to increase the rigidity and handling performance of your ride. These bars are pre-tuned for optimal performance, so there’s no guessing if you should go stiffer, softer, or adjust back and forth. An added benefit is compatibility with the OEM BMW end-links, so installation is as simple as swapping out the old for the new.

Bavarian Wheels BC5 Concave

The wheel industry is hot but concave wheels are even hotter. So Bavarian Wheels has released its latest design, the BC5. This one-piece low-pressure cast wheel is said to offers exceptional performance at a competitive price. It’s available in either 19 or 20" diameters and finishes include charcoal, matte black or matte black with a diamond-machined face. Of course, custom finishes can also be created for an extra charge.

Americam Automotive Trailer Camera

If you’ve ever towed, you know visibility is as difficult as maneuverability. So if your ride isn’t equipped with a factory backup camera, Americam has a solution allowing you to tow with ease and confidence. The Americam’s solution is a simple camera, screen and one cable, allowing DIY installation in a short time. Call to purchase.

BMW Ultimate Drives V1, 1937-82

Are you looking for detailed accounts of BMW’s most iconic vehicles? Jeremy Walton may have written the book for you. While his writing style isn’t exactly the gearhead equivalent of Rain Man, his personal accounts and detail of every nut and bolt is educational. The 208-page book elaborates on key vehicles in BMW history, like the 328 Roadster, 507, 3.0 CSL and legendary M1. If you don’t mind a few grammatical mistakes, and aren’t expecting an encyclopedia account of every single vehicle built, this book could be for you.

Injen Intake

Injen has released an intake system for the B8 Audi S4 constructed from 6061 aluminum, making it both strong and light, polished for good looks. To top it off, a 3" web nano-fiber dry filter is used to sieve air through while protecting the engine and increasing breathing volume. What’s more, it shouldn’t clog the intake path like the oil found on some filters. An aluminum air box cover finishes the installation with a clean look. The Injen intake isn’t all aesthetics. You can apparently expect gains of up to 18.72hp and 14.96 lb-ft of torque, so your stock S4 will see a nice jump in power, sound and performance.

McLaren: The Wins

Not many names sound as triumphant as McLaren. With 636 checkered flags in various motorsport arenas, the company has a proven track record. David Tremayne has miraculously been able to squeeze each moment into 320 pages, with details about the drivers, fastest laps, dates, tracks and even podium finishes, all told by this British journalist who attended both the first and last race in the book. For a winning coffee-table combo, make sure to match this book with Tremayne’s McLaren: The Cars.

034 TT RS Sway Bar & Mid-pipes

The Audi TT RS is a hugely desirable vehicle and one 034 Motorsport has developed several parts to unleash more of the its potential. These include a set of mid-pipes to replace the secondary catalytic converter, freeing more horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. Considered a “drop-in” upgrade, it will mount to any stock/stock-fit downpipe and exhaust.

In addition, 034 wants you to enjoy more time on the track than the gravel pits, so the new adjustable solid rear sway bar can be used in combination with the stock front sway bar to eliminate body roll without compromising daily driving comfort.

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