Öhlins 911 Suspension

Öhlins Road and Track coilovers are available for the 996 Carrera and GT3 models, as well as the 997 Carrera. Elsewhere in this issue we’ve fitted them to a BMW 335d and are very pleased with the performance. And now Porsche enthusiasts can realize the same comfortable ride with precise handling. Using dual-flow valve technology, the lightweight coilovers respond to road undulations. However, for track use the needle valves ensure consistent damping throughout the entire range of travel even when the oil gets hot. The Öhlins units are infinitely adjustable, with threaded bodies for height adjustment that’s separate from preload. Easy to access knurled knobs can tune compression and rebound in one twist, giving precise control to track day enthusiast. $2999 ohlinsusa.com

Integrated Engineering FSI/TSI Coil Pack Adapters

If your VW or Audi has suffered with coil pack problems then you’ll welcome IE’s coil pack adapters. They make it possible to upgrade the 1.8T and 2.7T engines to FSI/TSI coil packs. The newer OEM FSI/TSI coil packs offer greater reliability, a more powerful spark for a smoother idle, and a low replacement cost. Made from billet aluminum, the adapters are designed for both bolt-in and press-in applications. Additionally, older three-wire coil packs can be upgraded with a four-wire conversion harness. $79.99 intengineering.com

Meguiar’s Gold Class Detailer

Darker-colored cars can show dust and fingerprints magnificently. But with Meguiar’s Gold Class Premium Quik Detailer, the silky gloss finish can be maintained even between car washes. Designed for all paint finishes, but especially dark cars, the detailer is incredibly easy to use by misting it on clean car and wiping with a microfiber towel. $10.99 meguiars.com

NM Engineering Countryman S Exhaust

NM Engineering’s exhaust system for the Mini Countryman S is constructed of CNC mandrel-bent, TIG-welded 60mm aerospace T304 stainless steel tubing with dual 3.5" polished tips. The lighter design is compatible with both FWD and All4 Countryman powertrains, with precision-fit flanges and mounting hangers as standard. Furthermore, the system meets all state noise regulations with a claimed horsepower gain of 12-15hp over the stock exhaust. $999.95 nm-eng.com

BorgWarner S400SX3 Turbo

The new BorgWarner S400SX3 turbocharger can support 400-900hp, spool faster and produce more power than its previous model. The compressor shroud housing is ported with an integrated velocity stack that flows air to the 67mm compressor wheel made from forged billet aluminum. The wheel uses the latest aero design to reach maximum boost quickly, while the 83mm turbine wheel enables unrestricted exhaust gas flow. The unit is built within a T4 footprint and the twin-scroll turbine housing is available in multiple A/Rs. What’s more, the twin hydrodynamic journal bearings make it easier to rebuild. $1449.99 borgwarner.com

Mishimoto Mini Cooper S Hose Kit

Mishimoto gets rad with a radiator hose replacement kit for the Mini Cooper S. The hoses are made with heat-resistant embedded fibers with high-quality silicone in black, blue or red. The hoses can withstand increased pressure, are less vulnerable to deterioration while offering OE fitment. $260 mishimoto.com

ECS VW Dogbone Bushing

If you own a Mk4 Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Jetta, R32, new Beetle or Mk1 Audi TT, you might be interested in this Dogbone bushing from ECS Tuning. It bolts between the transmission and chassis to prevent unwanted powertrain movement. The soft stock bushing can sometimes compromise performance, or crack with age, increasing powertrain movement and noise. So ECS devised the Ultimate Dogbone with an 88A duo polyurethane bushing in a black aluminum body. It’s said to reduce wheel hop, offer positive shifter feel as well as eliminate clunking and vibration. $99.95 ecstuning.com

Race Skids BMW Skid Plate

We’ve heard horror stories of manhole covers clipping oil pans on some of our lowered cars, sending plumes of smoke skyward. So in the hope that your beloved BMW doesn’t share the same fate, Race Skids’ E30 BMW M20 plate is made from heavy-duty 10-gauge steel. It offers great protection and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. It’s available for late-model twin-cam M50, M52, S50 and S52 engine swaps. $199.95 raceskids.com

Volvo Turbo Hose Kit

The engine cooling specialsits at Mishimoto have also produced a new Volvo turbo hose kit that is guaranteed to fit like OEM hoses on turbocharged versions of the Volvo 850, S70 and V70. The high-grade silicone hoses are heat-resistant and designed to withstand increased pressure. The kit comes with T-Bolt clamps and in the choice of black, blue or red hoses. $275 mishimoto.com

ECS BMW Rotors

ECS Tuning now offers cast iron rotors with aluminum hats that are lighter and dispense heat faster for the 1- and 3-Series BMW. To achieve the lightweight functionality, 6061 aluminum hats with a corrosion-resistant matte black finish are bolted to the rotors. This two-piece semi-floating construction allows radial expansion of the rotor ring to prevent warping. Additionally, the 4 lb unsprung weight per rotor allows better acceleration, braking and handling. $499.95 ecstuning.com

Pwrhaus VW GTI Intercooler

The new front-mount intercooler kit from Pwrhaus for the Mk4 VW GTI 1.8T offers increased cooling with its bar-and-plate design. The tubing is mandrel-bent polished aluminum with bead-rolled ends, which is connected with multilayer silicone hose couplers and T-bolts clamps. The kit allows it to be positioned behind the stock front bumper with minimal modifications to ducting. $499.99 blackforestindustries.com

aFe BMW F30 Intake

As soon as the 2012 F30 BMW 328i hit dealers’ lots, Advanced Flow Engineering was designing an intake for the N20 2.0-liter turbo engine. The new Momentum Sealed cold-air intake system claims to out-flow the factory item by an impressive 42%, producing a claimed 10hp and 14 lb-ft. It uses a 3.5" concial Pro 5R air filter with dirt-catching pleats that can be washed and reused. The filter is mounted inside a black roto-molded air box that shields it from warm air in the engine bay while an intake tube maximizes air velocity. $449 afepower.com

B&W P3 Headphones

These Bowers & Wilkins P3 high-fidelity headphones come from the same family of engineers that created the P5 headphones and high-end 800 Series Diamond speakers found in Abbey Road Studios. The P3 is built from aluminum and rubber, making it lightweight yet rugged. The specially crafted ear pad fabric was designed to improve acoustics while remaining comfortable. Available in white or black finishes. $199.99 bowers-wilkins.com

Reverse Logic Jack Blocks

These powdercoated aluminum jackstand blocks are designed to fit into the plastic jacking points on late-model BMW, Mini and Mercedes-Benz. The blocks are available with a choice of two different attachments to the Torin T43004 jackstands. The blocks can be attached with either a bolt through the center tube or a 10mm pin that guides the block to the center saddle. Each jackstand pair supports 6000 lb with an 11-16” height range. DIYers can purchase the blocks separately for retrofitting to existing aluminum jackstands. $110 reverselogic.us

Mister Cartoon Sanctiond Car Care

LA residents know the legend of Mr Cartoon. A graffiti artist in the ’80s, he moved into lowriders, album covers and, most famously, tattoos – you have to be invited to be inked by him, clients include Beyonce, Eminem, Christina Aguilera and David Beckham. His artwork has appeared in museums and been commissioned by Xbox, Diesel and Nike. And now Mr Cartoon is coming to clean your car!

Mister Cartoon Sanctiond is his signature handcrafted, premium car care brand. Now you might think the market is full, but the collection of 15 products, including car wash, waxes, polishes, detailers, interior cleaners, conditioners and tire shines, hopes to find its own niche. When asked why he went in this direction, Cartoon answered, “Cars are an extension of our personalities. Our customers are committed to making their vehicles more than just their rides. Cars are part of who they are. Cleaning is the first step anybody takes with their car and we want to be involved from the beginning.” You can check out the new products in stores nationwide, including some unique packaging. sanctiond.com

Hotchkis BMW Sway Bars

When setting up a well-balanced track car, the sway bars can help eliminate understeer, rotate the car on corner entry and add traction during cornering. The adjustable 33.4mm front Hotchkis Sport Sway Bars are 380% stiffer than the stock E36 M3. While the adjustable 25.4mm rear Sport Sway Bars are up to 140% stiffer. This creates crisper corner entry plus the ability to steer with the throttle when necessary. Each bar is powdercoated for durability and comes with greasable bushings, rear end-links and bolt-in subframe reinforcement. They’re available for 1992-98 E36 coupe, sedan and M3 models. $805.95 hotchkis.net

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Mister Cartoon
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