JL Audio StealthMod

Tired of ripping off panels and the rattles that magically occur once said panels are reinstalled just to enhance your stereo system? Designed as a complete audio system upgrade, the JL Audio StealthMod for the ’07-up BMW X5 (E70) eliminates all of the guesswork out of system design and the need for extensive modifications and fabrications. The X5 StealthMod contains a single Stealthbox with a 1-W3v3-2 subwoofer driver that installs beneath the passenger-side cargo floor, one XD700/5 system amplifier with custom mounting bracket, one CL-SSI signal summing interface, one pair of C5-075ct tweeters, and one pair of C5-525-XO crossovers. The system also comes with a complete wiring harness and an illustrated installation and setup instruction book that’s so easy to follow it should be titled “StealthMod for Dummies.” $1,900
JL Audio Inc

Mishimoto Radiator

One of the biggest design flaws of the factory E46 BMW M3 radiator is the plastic crimp on the end tanks, and over time they start to leak. So why replace a defective part with a flawed factory part that will just leak again? For roughly the same price as a factory replacement, you can get a direct bolt-in replacement from Mishimoto.

The all-aluminum construction and dual-pass design increases cooling capacity by 30 percent, making it the perfect choice for the performance enthusiast or someone looking for maximum reliably. Plus, the Mishimoto radiator is backed by a lifetime warranty. $425

Sprint Booster

When I first heard about the Sprint Booster for BMW, my mind instantly flashed with the thought of automotive snake oil, just too good to be true—like fuel magnets. Slightly skeptical but always optimistic I immediately ordered one, feeling that there would be some merit with the drive by wire technology being used on modern BMWs. The new unit still acts a go-between, helping the ECU better understand the driver’s true intent with the electronic pedal, plus an added benefit of Off, Stage 1 and Stage 2 settings. So now when you press the go-faster pedal, the engine instantly responds and gives you a more connected feel. $350
Sprint Booster

Niche Circuit-T03

The Circuit-T03 for BMW is part of Niche Road Wheels Mono-Tec 1-piece forged series. Like Michelangelo forming David from a marble slab, Niche starts with a solid block of 6061-T6 forged aluminum before each wheel is precision machined into lightweight and strong rolling pieces of art. Niche Road Wheels are 100 percent custom made in the USA at their 30,000 sq-ft facility in Southern California. The Circuit-T03 is available in 34 different forgings, ranging in diameter from 19 to 23 inches and widths from 8.5 to 13 inches, ensuring a custom-tailored fitment for your BMW.
Niche Road Wheels

Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler System

The stock intercoolers that come as part of turbocharged BMW engines, to be honest, are a joke. They are extremely inefficient and easily susceptible to heat soak. Snow Performance’s Stage 3 Boost cooler system is a perfect solution for a stock or modified BMW to stave off the dreaded head-induced limp mode during a day of spirited driving. The brains behind the Stage 3 setup is a digital variable mapping controller that creates a methanol delivery map based on user preference and boost pressure. The Snow Performance meth/H20 system can be tuned to generate more horsepower or just help you maintain the factory level of performance lap after lap. Prices start at $760
Snow Performance

Whiteline Front and Rear Sway Bars
Whiteline’s larger 27mm front and 20mm rear sway bars are designed to boost handling and performance. And upgrading the sway bars on BMW’s E82/E88 1 Series and E90/92/E93 3 Series can help improve traction, increase cornering speed, eliminate under- or oversteer and reduce body roll. The bars are manufactured from spring steel and then powdercoated to provide strength and durability. Knowing the driving style of many BMW drivers, Whiteline’s bushing feature a lateral locking system to prevent their high-performance synthetic elastomer bushings from shifting under heavy cornering. $229 (each)
Whiteline/Redranger Pty Ltd

ECS Tuning Ziza LED

Designed to eliminate the yellowish hue as well as increase visibility in the interior of your BMW, Ziza LED master upgrade lighting kits by ECS Tuning are easy to install and give your vehicle a more upscale appearance. While the contents and LED style (wedge or festoon) found in each master kit vary by application, typical replacements include trunk, front footwell, puddle, front and rear dome, vanity mirror and glovebox light bulbs.
ECS Tuning

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