Designed to work in conjunction with the company’s Stage II+ ECU upgrade, APR’s 3.0 TFSI supercharger pulley allows the factory Eaton supercharger to spin faster, increasing boost levels throughout the rpm range all the way to redline. When combined with APR’s RSC exhaust and APR/Carbonio intake, the result is a claimed power increase of 80 lb-ft of torque and 108 hp at the wheels on 93 octane fuel. The kit includes a properly sized supercharger belt, e-coated black pulley for a factory look and a free software upgrade for existing Stage I ECU customers. $549


Equipping your Audi with the right tire can make all difference in the way the car performs, so it’s critical to choose a tire that best suits your driving needs. Designed specifically for sport sedans and coupes, the new Toyo Proxes T1 Sport is Toyo’s latest ultra-high performance (UHP) tire designed for true balance in both wet and dry handling. The asymmetric tread pattern incorporates various design elements to increase handling and braking in both wet and dry conditions. The high stiffness sidewall and high hardness bead filler are there to increase steering response.

Toyo Tires USA

When the Audi TT RS hit the U.S. shores in 2011, one thing was clear: It needed an exhaust. Luckily, Milltek had several systems sitting on the shelf ready to go. The Milltek system for the Audi TT RS is manufactured from 3-inch anti-magnetic T304 stainless steel and features mandrel-bent piping for uninterrupted flow. The system is available in resonated or non-resonated versions, offering a different sound level without affecting performance. Both systems reuse the O.E. exhaust tips and include an active exhaust valve, retaining the OEM Sport button’s ability to release enhanced sound. Non-Resonated $1,549; Resonated $1,799

Stratmosphere/ Milltek North America

We’re all looking to slim down these days; even auto manufacturers have joined the ranks of those trying to shed a few pounds. Low weight is key to performance—the less you have to carry, the better you’ll perform. By making its 2.0 TSI power pulley 20 percent smaller and five times lighter than the factory pulley, Neuspeed’s unit takes less kinetic energy to spin a full revolution. To ensure reliability and durability stay intact, the pulley is cut from a special 7075-T6 aluminum alloy to give it all the strength of steel without the weight. A hard-anodized finish helps prevent wear. $249


The Audi A7 Sportback is Ingolstadt’s latest offering to hit the U.S., and with a 4,200-pound curb weight prospective owners are lucky the car is equipped with a highly tunable supercharged V6 engine. Part of Stasis Engineering’s tuning program is a lightweight, free-flowing T304 stainless steel exhaust with 4-inch dual polished tips with laser-engraved logos. When installed by a certified Stasis dealer, this exhaust is backed by a factory-matching four-year/50,000-mile warranty. $2,195

Stasis Engineering

When Audi released the B8 A4 2.0 TSI with UDS communications protocol and a Tricore-powered, password-protected engine control unit, it created massive headaches for the entire tuning industry. Every time a tuner like GIAC would figure out ways to penetrate the vehicle’s defenses the manufacturer would institute a new defense level to prevent intrusion. The 2012 Audi A4/A5/Q5, even with the OEM’s latest and greatest defense system, was easily defeated by the programmers at GIAC, helping to squeeze out an extra 22-45 hp and 34-75 lb-ft of torque. $550


The raw sound from an Audi R8 5.2-liter V10 with a properly tuned exhaust can stir emotions that most of us didn’t even know we had. The problem is that a motorsport-inspired sound is not practical and can get annoying when driving around town. The AWE Tuning SwitchPath exhaust controls sounds levels with a pair of German-engineered proprietary mechanical valves. The interior SwitchPath remote allows the driver to toggle between Normal and Straight Pipe modes. Manufactured from T304 stainless, the SwitchPath exhaust is 32 pounds lighter than the OEM system. $5,995

AWE Tuning

By EC Staff
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