Designed to eliminate the restrictions found in the factory VW 2.0 TDI airbox, AWE Tuning’s TDI C|C|B intake is designed to provide a smooth, unobstructed path for air entering the engine to increase efficiency and power. This intake system comes with a large washable cone filter that’s surrounded by a carbon-fiber box engineered to shuttle fresh, cool air from the factory grille directly into the combustion process.

AWE Tuning

H&R offers two options for drivers of the Mk VI Jetta sedan: H&R sport springs to drop the Jetta 1.5 inches in the front and 1.4 in the rear, and a race spring for a lowering of 1.6 inches in front and 1.5 in the rear. Both springs feature a progressive spring rate design to improve the handling characteristics while leaving ride quality intact. To ensure quality and performance, all H&R springs are manufactured from special (hf) 54SiCr6 spring steel and are shot-peened to increase their life by more than 200 percent.

H&R Special Springs

For VW owners who didn’t splurge for the expensive factory navigation package, the Prodigy One Volkswagen Integration Kit allows owners of 2010-11 models to upgrade their factory 6.5-inch RCD510 touchscreen radios to a fully interactive navigation system. Prodigy One’s solution also goes beyond the factory capability, allowing the system to be expanded to include a rearview camera, hands-free Bluetooth, radar detection and even mobile Wi-Fi, all controlled through the touchscreen display.

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Directus Navigation

VW engines have historically had problems with their positive crankcase (PCV) system, which can result in the intake filling with an oily fuel mixture that over time coagulates and reduces efficiency and power. The sludge factor has worsened over time as VW PCV designs have become more complex and engines became turbocharged. Forge Motorsport has recognized this issue and developed a system for the VW 2.0 TSI that eliminates the problematic stock PCV system and incorporates a catch tank to capture blow-by gasses and contaminants. In addition to keeping unwanted sludge out of the intake system, the Forge kit seals off any potential points of boost leakage.

Forge Motorsport

While some are still trying to classify the new Jetta—is it a performance car or is it an econobox? Is it even a VW? Techtonics Tuning has done what it has always done with VWs since 1981, designed and manufactured a quality exhaust system for it. The new system for the MK VI Jetta 2.0 TDI sedan features a T304 stainless steel system with Borla mufflers and 2.5-inch diameter piping. The system is finished off with polished, dual 3-inch hard chrome, double-wall, angle-cut tips.

Techtonics Tuning

For the same price as a stock radiator replacement, the Mishimoto VW GTI 2.0T performance dual-pass radiator is all-aluminum and has a 30 percent increased cooling capacity while maintaining a direct bolt-on fit. Unlike a stock replacement radiator, which can requires coming up with creative ways to fully drain it, Mishimoto’s has a built-in drain plug that makes servicing your cooling system a breeze. If that weren’t enough, Mishimoto also out-does the factory radiators by providing a lifetime warranty.

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If you’re one of the lucky few whose front bumper left the dealership unperforated by drilled holes for the front license plate, or have replaced your bumper, you could be at risk for receiving a ticket for not having a front plate. Gominigo has created a “No Holes” License Plate Bracket that screws into your existing factory tow hook receptacle. The stainless steel frame is invisible and the mounting is solid, so the plate won’t vibrate or fall off during driving. In fact, if you have already received a ticket, it can’t be yanked off at your inspection. It’s also fully reversible, so your front bumper can be restored to its former glory for car shows or photo ops.


The Snow Performance MPG-MAX VW TDI water/methanol injection system attains a rare feat in the automotive world: increasing power and performance while increasing mpg. This is accomplished by its dual-nozzle configuration and controlled methanol injection. One nozzle consistently sprays a small amount of a water/methanol mixture across the entire powerband to increase combustion without injecting more diesel and resulting in better fuel efficiency. Then, in a user customizable power mode setting, a second nozzle kicks on to inject a larger amount of solution to help generate more power and boost performance only when needed.

From $699
Snow Performance

Always got your hands full of stuff (coffee cup, car keys, briefcase) and don’t want to scratch up the car trying to open the door? Thanks to ECS Tuning, you can now pop your trunk hatch without you coming close to the paint. Raiding the VW family parts bin, ECS has assembled a Hatch Pop kit from a Skoda, a Scirocco and a Seat that replaces existing Mk V and VI Golf, Rabbit and GTI hatch struts, strut mounting ball pins and stop bumpers. After a quick reprogramming, with a touch of the trunk release button on your key fob the hatch can now fully open.

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ECS Tuning

ST Suspensions’ performance coilovers for the Mk VI VW Golf use twin-tube shocks that have been valved to allow enough travel to handle maximum loads and provide optimum drivability no matter what ride height you choose. The front and rear coilover assemblies feature zinc-plated threaded strut housings and utilize a compression bumpstop with an integrated dust boot for additional ride comfort and long-term durability.

Golf: 1.6-2.6 inch lowering front and rear.

GTI: 0.4-1.6 inch lowering front and 0.6-1.6 inch rear.

ST suspensions

Neuspeed allows you to swap the piddly one-sided exhaust tips that come standard on your 2010-11 Mk VI Golf TDI with a dual-outlet setup like that on a GTI. The Neuspeed slip-joint-back T304 stainless steel exhaust system features 70mm mandrel-bent piping, which is used to eliminate restrictions found in the stock system. The kit includes an OEM VW GTI valance, features dual 90mm polished slash-cut tips and comes with a limited two-year warranty.

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