You bought a Porsche because it is the pinnacle of sports car performance. Because there’s no way you could possibly make the car better, right? We’ve got a couple of ideas to prove that theory wrong.

The Akrapovic Evolution Race exhaust system for 911 GT3/RS offers Porsche owners the trifecta: increased performance, optimized handling and a more aggressive sound. Manufactured entirely out of titanium, the system sheds 57.3 pounds off the rear axle, which gives the 911 a more even weight distribution and improved handling. Performance is optimized with a better power to weight ratio and a few horses are let loose by using headers with integrated 100-cell metallic catalysts and a free-flow rear muffler. While vehicle performance and handling are important, it’s the sound that truly makes your heart race.
Akrapovic America

EVOMSit Intelligent Engine Control Module makes the brain of Porsche engines smarter. No, not really, but it does improve performance and torque for turbocharged engines in ’11 Panamera and Cayenne models. Evolution Motorsports (EVOMS) quotes gains of 50 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque in normal engine performance mode and 80 hp and 40 lb-ft of torque in Sport Plus. Not only do you see improved acceleration, but you don’t see pesky CELs or evidence of ECU modification. The unit does not interfere with OEM diagnostics and it’s fully reversible leaving no traces of modification. Its plug-and-play wiring harness with OEM connectors allows for an easy install—no intelligence needed. $3,000
Evolution Motorsports

Super-fast cars need to stay firmly planted on the road, and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires use the latest generation technology to give superior grip and handling during performance driving and aggressive acceleration. Integrating the same engineering that delivered 13 wins in a row at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Michelin produced a tire that lasts longer than most ultra-high-performance tires of its class. Their bi-compound tread integrates wet-oriented elastomers to complement Porsche brakes and furnish superior braking ability to a summer tire that can handle an occasional puddle in the road or slick conditions on the track.

When the Sprint Booster came out several years ago I was a complete skeptic, as it seemed more like a gimmick than a functional product. It’s a hard thing to admit when you’re wrong but here it is. After trying the Sprint Booster unit on various vehicles (stock and modded Audis, BMWs, Porsches and VWs) it does have its place as an integral part of the tuning experience. Even on the chipped cars the Sprint Booster eliminates throttle pauses and sharpens throttle response. Their latest units feature an adjustability function so with the push of a button the vehicle can switch between stock, Stage 1 or Stage 2 settings. $329
Sprint Booster

The Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system tries to accommodate all drivers—from the daily errand runner to the weekend enthusiast. But, the serious performance driver (who wants it a little lower and a little tighter) doesn’t seem fit into Porsche’s preconceived driving categories. To accommodate this “other” category, Bilstein has made the DampTronic kit, a motorsports developed and tested coilover system that lowers the front and rear ride height approximately 30 to 50 mm. Inverted monotube shock absorbers are compatible with the electronic suspension module, letting the driver select from three dynamic suspension settings ranging from comfortable to championship sport.

AWE Cross Over Pipes are designed for the Porsche Carrera 997.2 owner looking to increase performance without the huge expense or overt sound of a full exhaust system. The cross-over pipes increase horsepower, reduce weight and give a slightly more aggressive exhaust note by eliminating the rear center muffler, and gives exhaust gas the smoothest and straightest path out. These hand-built, bolt-on pipes are manufactured from 100 percent T304 stainless steel and weigh 6.5 pounds less than the OEM muffler. $695
AWE Tuning

Porsche is known for its elegant combinations of performance and design. As such, any aftermarket wheel would need to comply with these characteristics. HRE has produced a line of wheels that not only allows for personalization of your Porsche but enhances the performance characteristics as well. HRE engineers utilize Finite Element Analysis to manufacture a strong and durable wheel with reduced unsprung weight, which helps with braking. HRE wheels use I-beam geometry, weight lightening pockets and low-weight material to minimize rotational inertia to improve acceleration and handling.
HRE Wheels

The days of sticking a filter on the end of a pipe are over as modern airboxes have gone high-tech with sensors and shapes that do more than just let air into the motor. It is extremely important to get an intake designed by a company that specializes in your vehicle, because a poorly designed intake can affect horsepower, emissions, traction control and braking. Werks1 engineers did more than just deconstruct and tweak a 997.1 Porsche airbox, they completely redesigned and built one from scratch. Wind-tunnel designed and tested, the Werks1 997.1 carbon-fiber airbox adds an extra fresh-air inlet, and at highway speeds the sealed design allows the airbox to pressurize, which eliminates the risk air starvation. $3,000
Champion Motorsport

After a muffler upgrade, sometimes you feel like showing off and sometimes you don’t. With Fabspeed’s Valvetronic Maxflo Muffler System featuring a dual-tone setup you get the best of both worlds at the touch of a button. With the valves open a symphony of sounds accompany performance driving, or with the valves closed you are able to enjoy the sweet sounds of silence. Either way, the T304 stainless steel system with ceramic fiber mufflers reduces backpressure to increase acceleration in all ’05-08 996, 997 and 997.2 vehicles. Fabspeed’s direct replacement system bolts up with stock cats or OEM-like aftermarket sportcats and can utilize OEM Porsche tips or optional Fabspeed Dual-Style T304 tips at an additional cost. $2,095
Fabspeed Motorsport

IPD intake plenums increase the performance of your Porsche Cayman by eliminating the restrictive factory T-shaped air distributor. IPD’s Y-style design allows for better airflow into the engine, which increases power and improves drivability. IPD offers three versions, but the biggest and baddest of the bunch is the Competition Plenum for the 987.1 Cayman S (3.4L). IPD’s Competition Plenum gives the greatest airflow and most performance gains and allows the Cayman to compete with its bigger brothers like the Carrera. It must be used in combination with the larger 82mm throttle body from a 997 GT3 (additional $295). $895

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