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ContinentalExtremeContact DW and DWSContinental Tire has become virtually synonymous with performance. Conti tires are the OEM choice for makes including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Now, Continental has produced a tire lineup custom tailored to varying North American climates and driving conditions, and conforming to American consumers' desire for the all-year-round or three-in-one tire.

As tire technology advances, Continental incorporates ever-new technological achievements into its products. Pretty soon you're going to need an engineeringdegree to decipher all the hi-tech terms.

Simply put, Continental has combined a number of technologies to produce an ber-tire that's long-lasting, performs in wet, dry or snowy conditions, and fits a multitude of applications and sizes, while still providing a comfortable ride without increased road noise. Taking technology to the next extreme level, Conti's latest offering is well deserving of its ExtremeContact DW and Extreme Contact DWS monikers.

DW and DWS are Continental's Tuned Performance Indicators that describe the conditions for which the tire is built. DW being Dry and Wet (utilizing a summer tread compound) and DWS meaning Dry, Wet and Snow (using an all-weather tread compound). These indicators are actually stamped into the tread, and as long as they are visible the tire will be guaranteed to function at full performance. When the indicators have faded from sight, so has the performance. For example, if the S is gone, don't go driving in snow, and when all the letters have vanished it's time for a new set... which may not be as soon as you think. Unlike most performance tires (which usually are toast after 5,000 miles or less) Continental ExtremeContacts utilize Dynamic Temperature Distribution technology, which decreases tread pattern distortion for improved, longer tread-life. As the tire's silicate-rubber compound is molded, Continental employs a method of heat control to alter the bonding of the molecules, which enhances the overall structure and ultimately provides lower rolling resistance (less friction and less heat = increased fuel efficiency and tread life).

The ExtremeContact DWS is perfect for the impromptu early Friday snowboarding trip because of a breakthrough design only featured on the new Conti tire. Traction grooves are basically made up of little rubber "teeth" embedded in the tire's tread grooves that bite into snow and prevent it (the snow) from sliding out of the tread. Basically these rubber teeth eat the snow by compacting and compressing it into the tread grooves, so when you drive on snow-covered roads the tires don't slip. The premise is that, basically, snow sticks to other snow.

If you want snow to stay in your tires' tread grooves, the opposite is true for water. Continental's Enhanced Groove Curvature, found on both the DW and DWS, is designed to create a high-velocity splatter that literally shoots water out the sides of and away from the tire's contact surface, providing wet handling performance. If a sudden downpour were to occur, the ExtremeContact lineup has a high void-to-tread ratio to prevent hydroplaning.

For normal conditions, Continental has also applied new technologies to improve dry performance, handling and braking. Chamfered edges are designed to prevent tread block deformation during heavy cornering and increased load during acceleration. Essentially, Continental has cut 45-degree angles into each side of the tread blocks (instead of the standard 90-degree cut), allowing increased road surface contact and traction. You might think of it as the reason why tall buildings sway whereas pyramids don't

As more car manufacturers cut costs and shy away from free car maintenance, Continental is embracing it by standing behind its new ExtremeContact DW and DWS by giving one of the best tire warranties in the industry. Not only is there a 60-day customer satisfaction ride guarantee and 72-month manufacturer workmanship limited warranty, Conti also offers Road Hazard coverage with free tire replacements for up to 12 months. To prove the company's confidence in its tires, these perks are offered in addition to the standard 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty.

When it comes to choosing tires it always seems you compromise one area of performance for another. For increased dry performance you sacrifice wet performance, and for increased snow performance you sacrifice comfort on dry roads. With Continental's DWS you have everything you want in an ultra-high-performance all-season tire without giving up comfort, dry road capabilities, or reduced road noise. With the new ExtremeContact DW and DWS tires, Continental has you covered in any condition. -Anthony Gelinas

ExtremeContact DW UHP
Sizes: 16-21 inch
Treadwear: 340 Traction AA Temperance A

ExtremeContact DWS UHP All-Season
Sizes: 16-24 inch
Treadwear: 540 Traction A Temperance A

Continental Tire

Volant Intakes' induction system for the present-gen VW GTI offers a unique design that blocks out engine heat to provide cooler air to the engine. It's engineered to pull air from both the front of the engine bay as well as from the inner fender to create an additional volume of cool ambient air. Made from X-link polyethylene plastic, the intake tubes and filter box offer improved velocity from smooth bends and a tapered design that can't be achieved with metal tubes. The sealed design prevents engine heat contamination, and the exclusive PowerCore air filter uses a nano-fiber filtration element and a fluted design that never needs oiling and reportedly lasts up to 100,000 miles before it needs to be replaced.

Volant Cool Air Intakes

Wheel of the Month
Vorsteiner has introduced a line of three-piece forged wheels tailor-made for your particular application. Pictured is the V-305, with a nine-spoke race-inspired face. Available in 19, 20, and 22-inch diameters with reverse lip, in widths ranging from 8 to 13 inches, Vorsteiner wheels are engineered to work with factory tire pressure monitoring systems and built to clear aftermarket big-brake kits out of the box. Finishes include mirror polish, brushed satin aluminum, and silver, anthracite, or black powdercoat with a satin or gloss finish. Custom finishes also available. Contact for price


Parasitic power loss from driving engine accessories like the water pump, power steering, alternator and air conditioning on your E90/E92 M3 can be remedied with a lightweight crankshaft pulley from Evosport. The Evosport Power Pulley System uses a custom-engineered pulley machined from T-6061 billet aluminum designed not to alter factory harmonics or dampening. The upgrade includes the necessary replacement belts and hardware. It is easily reversible should the need arise and includes a three-year warranty covering the part's craftsmanship. $395


Originally debuted on the 2001 E39 5 Series, BMW's headlamp "haloes" have become part of a signature look in the BMW lineup. European Auto Source (EAS) and Custom Angel Eyes have devised the world's first plug-and-play solution for upgrading the color temperature and lighting output to produce a bright, uniform white light from your BMW's headlamps-reportedly even brighter than stock. Specific kits are available for E39 and E60 5 Series, E53 X5, E63/E64 6 Series, E65/E66 7 Series, E46 and E90/E92 3 Series. $299


Based on the company's original Sports Label exhaust systems introduced last year, Remus Sport Exhaust has introduced its new "U.S. Sound" system for the new E90/92/93 M3 and the E39 M5. These exhausts are developed in Remus' sound dyno cell at home in Barnbach, Austria, in order to get real-time digital documentation of the exhaust note both within the cabin and outside the car. The U.S. Sound system is also designed to flow easier than the stock system and reduce backpressure even over the company's Sports Label systems. It's louder than the Sports Label as well, giving the understated M3 exhaust note the high-performance yelp many feel it lacks. M3 E90/E92: $1,422; M5 (E39): $1,198

Remus Sport Exhaust

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