VF Engineering short ram cold air intake kit
Peak wheel-hp 212.2 @ 6157 rpm/
Peak wheel torque (lb-ft) 201.4 @ 2981 rpm

Plastic, steel and aluminum
Filter type: Cotton gauze filter

MAF-to-throttle body pipe is manufactured of Roto-molded, high-temperature plastic intake plumbing, offering reduced heat retention
Washable and reusable cotton air filter
High-temperature air deflector/heat shield directs air from factory fresh air inlet while blocking radiant heat, ensuring air entering the filter is as cool as possible
Factory intake amplifier pipe removed for increased throttle response
Roto-molded plastic venturi air duct feeds cold air to the filter area, acting like a cold air intake without the risk of water ingestion
100 percent reversible

No support bracket for intake pipe

Throttle pipe, MAF-to-air filter connector pipe, cotton filter, silicone couplings, hose clamps and air deflector/heat shield with mounting hardware

Phillips and flathead screw driver, hose clamp pliers or adjustable pliers, 5 mm Allen, 10 mm socket, ratchet and extension
*Price: $300
*Installation time: 30 minutes

The intake sounds vicious. Horsepower gains are an added bonus. Installation is straightforward with no modifications required. The cool air venturi duct is a nice touch, directing as much cool air as possible to the filter area.

There's a lot more to tuning than just horsepower and torque. The question is: do the parts make the vehicle better as a whole? These upgrades make the car more enjoyable to drive. There isn't a single part installed that was money wasted. From the factory, the R32 is a bit underpowered. This set of upgrades has brought it to the level a VW premium sport hatch should be.

*Total power gains at all four wheels::
Peak wheel-hp 12.6/peak wheel torque (lb-ft) 9.2

VF Engineering
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