GIAC Engine Management software upgrade (91 octane)
Peak wheel-hp
207.1@ 6369 rpm
Peak wheel torque (lb-ft)
200.2 @ 2983 rpm

*Install process:
OBD port flash
Options: Pocket-size U-Select Flashloader allows any combination of options with the installed software upgrade. Options include stock, performance, race gas, kill/no start mode, valet mode and privacy firewall to lock out all other Flashloader hand-held switcher devices.

*U-Select breakdown:
91- to 93-octane performance (required with purchase)
100-octane performance (higher ignition timing and fueling optimized for 100 octane or greater)
Valet mode (no full throttle)
Stock mode (OEM-level programming)
Kill mode (theft deterrent/injectors won't open, preventing the car from starting. GIAC ECU programming prevents users from switching into this mode if revs are greater than zero)
Privacy firewall (creates user-selected PIN that must match the ECU)

Increased throttle response
Removes top speed governor
Array of options

Without the U-Select program switcher and the extra stock program, only 91-octane fuel can be used

*Price: Software ($395):
Optional equipment: U-Select Flashloader handheld switcher device ($150), Flashloader switcher software freeware (no cost-downloadable, requires laptop and specific OBD Ross-Tech cable)
Optional programs: 100 Octane ($100), Valet mode ($50), Stock mode ($50), Kill mode ($50), Privacy firewall ($100)

*Installation time: 30 minutes:
Notes: The unfortunate aspect of naturally aspirated engines (unlike turbocharged engines), is that they don't show huge horsepower and torque gains after a software change. Naturally aspirated engines increase throttle response and smooth the power curve-things that don't always show on a dyno graph. It's a different story on the street: the effect the chip has on overall driveability is unmistakable.

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