The debut of the 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder engine in the 2007 335i heralds a new generation of BMW turbos. It is now feasible to build a motor with the horsepower and torque of a V8, while still achieving the fuel economy of a standard six. It also means it's time to play. We tracked down a 335i sedan to put a few upgrades to the test.

Peak wheel-hp: 254 @ 5588 rpm
Peak wheel torque (lb-ft): 255 @ 2144 rpm

Engine has long torque curve Twin turbos for quick spool-up Direct injection technology Front-mounted intercooler

Each turbo features a pair of restrictive catalytic converters, one directly off the turbo, the second downstream.Diverter valves are integrated

The 335i sedan was equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission with its odometer reading 1232 miles at the start of testing. The vehicle was tested using the highest grade of gas available in Southern California: 91-octane. All testing and installation was performed on the same day, during moderate temperatures of 77 to 79 degrees F. The testing location was at sea level with a reading of 46 percent relative humidity.

All dynamometer testing was performed in third gear on a Clayton 'Mustang' dyno.

Split Second Turbo Tuner upgrade
Peak wheel-hp 270 @ 5623 rpm
Peak wheel torque (lb-ft) 277 @ 2227 rpm

Plug-and-play design allows for easy install and removal when going in for dealer service Retains the smooth power curve OEM plug housings ensure perfect water-tight fit Built-in temperature compensator reduces boost based on temperature

Relies on the engine control unit (ECU) to adjust air-to-fuel ratio No speed limiter removal Rev limiter not increased

*Part: Tuning box

*Tools: Small flathead screwdriver

*Price: $599

*Installation time: 5 min.

The Split Second Turbo Tuner is a reasonably priced option to increase horsepower and torque output, and the fact that it can be removed easily makes servicing at the dealer less stressful. The Turbo Tuner is installed between the ECU and the TMAP sensor, providing a mild increase in boost pressure. Performance gains are not limited to any specific part of the rev range; they can be felt throughout without a single hiccup. The increased power does not adversely affect the automatic transmission.

Super Sprint Cat-Back Exhaust
Peak wheel-hp 279 @ 5691 rpm
Peak wheel torque (lb-ft) 285 @ 2301 rpm

Mid-pipes feature an X section, ensuring that the equalization of exhaust gas pulses is optimized60mm mandrel bent tubing 100 percent T304 stainless steel Uses all factory hangers No reduction in ground clearance100mm tips fill the bumper cut-out

Adjustable tips are a bit tricky to get lined up Requires cutting of stock one-piece exhaust right after the stock catalytic converters

*Parts: X-pipe, right and left muffler and tips, clamps, muffler cross brace with hardware

*Tools: WD40, T50 Torx socket, long flathead screwdriver, 16 and 17 mm deep socket, three-inch extension, ratchet, 6mm Allen wrench, 12mm wrench, chop saw or Sawzall

*Price: $2,362.91

*Installation time: 60 min.

The stock exhaust sounds good only when completely floored, thanks to the vacuum-operated flapper. The Supersprint exhaust system gives the 335i more presence, offering a range of tones from a mild idle to aggressive full throttle. If cutting the stock exhaust system is not an option, Supersprint offers two alternatives (that are not quite legal, because they replace or remove two of the four factory catalytic converters): a set of front connecting pipes with two 100-cell HJS cats ($3,211.87) or a set of front connecting pipes with no cats ($551.83). With either option, the system will bolt right to the factory downpipes. If future plans are to install a set of downpipes, the front connecting pipes with cats feature O2 sensor bungs, allowing relocation of the sensors to avoid a 'check engine' light.

Super Sprint Down Pipes W/Front Connecting Pipe
Peak wheel-hp 290 @ 6234 rpm
Peak wheel torque (lb-ft) 295 @ 3576 rpm

100 percent T-304 stainless steel mandrel bent piping 100-cell HJS high-flow catalytic converterDownpipes feature integrated flex joints to ensure longevity Precision flanges ensure direct fit and sealing

No support brackets on the downpipes No extender harness for O2 sensors

*Parts: Downpipes, right and left connecting pipe with 100-cell cat, hardware

*Tools: 8mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm wrench and socket, ratchet, swivel for ratchet, long flathead screwdriver, O2 sensor socket or 22mm wrench

*Price: $5,947.77

*Installation time: 3 hr.

Supersprint downpipes can be used with the stock exhaust, but the problem is the elimination of the primary catalytic converters, which sets off the 'check engine' light. This is why we opted to install the front connecting pipes with the 100-cell HJS converters, since they have a provision for the re-location of the rear O2 sensor. With the complete set-up installed, it's like removing a cork from a bottle; you can just feel the turbos spool. This set-up would definitely support higher boost levels. Eliminating the catalytic converters in the engine bay helps to lower underhood temperatures. The overall sound level increases, but not enough to cause any annoyance.

The 335i is a force to be reckoned with, sporting plenty of horsepower and torque. These basic bolt-on modifications have demonstrated that this is just scratching the surface. To say the twin turbo 3.0-liter engine has potential would be an understatement. Even though tuners have not had this engine for long, the results look promising.

Since no intake upgrades were available at the time of testing, we removed the airbox's lid and filter to maximize airflow. After a few dyno runs, the 335i showed no gains or losses of horsepower or torque, so we concluded that the stock airbox can support the engine's CFM demands. The Split Second Turbo Tuner combined with the Supersprint turbo-back exhaust has transformed this stealthy four-door sedan into the true definition of an ultimate driving machine.

Split Second Supersprint NA
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