If you regularly attend any kind of motorsport, such as track days, autocross, drag racing, etc, you'll know that such activities can be very hard on your car's paintwork. Exposed surfaces can inevitably become pitted, chipped or sandblasted in this rather harsh environment, which puts extra demands on the protective surfaces of your car's bodywork. In order to preserve your investment and minimize the risks, we've gathered some simple products that will help you protect and preserve your exterior surfaces.


Many track junkies cover various parts of their car with blue painter's tape for added protection. This undoubtedly protects the exterior but it sure looks frickin' ugly!

We came across an alternative product called TrakkTape, which is basically a clear version of the mild adhesion painter's tape.

It's easy to apply and, most importantly, to remove. It comes in 3"x100', 6"x100' and 6"x600' rolls, allowing you to cover most areas more quickly and efficiently.

The product should offer greater protection than blue tape thanks to its 5mm thickness and better durability. Equally as important, it's almost invisible to the track day photographer or pitlane passerby, ensuring your machine always looks good.

Apply it to the front-end, fenders, side skirts, rear apron - anywhere your car is likely to throw up or catch rocks and gravel that would otherwise damage your paintwork.


Mothers R3

If you have a vinyl wrap on your car, you already have one of the best ways to keep your factory paint in pristine condition. However, one major drawback of the vinyl is keeping it clean, especially from the black marks caused by rubber flying off tires on the racetrack. These marks are relatively easy to remove from paint, but more difficult to erase from vinyl film. However, Mother's R3 (Race Rubber Remover) solves the problem on both paint and vinyl with a formula that allows you to just wipe away rubber marks with ease. Simply spray on and rub off. This is definitely a useful product for track day enthusiasts to have in their arsenal.


Dr Color Chip

If you didn't protect your paint soon enough, you probably have damage already. This will likely include abrasion to the clearcoat, which nobody except you will notice, and can be treated with polishing wax. However, if you've suffered paint chips as well, these are more visible on most colors.

Fortunately, Dr Color Chip does a great job hiding ugly white speckles that appear as the paint layer is chipped away. Simply order the Dr Color Chip kit that's specific to your factory paint code. You'll receive touch-up paint, brush, glove, cloths and sealer.

Start by dabbing the paint on with the small brush, then gently smear it in with a latex-gloved finger and wait. After a short time, carefully buff and blend with the supplied sealer. It's really that simple.


ClearPlex Windshield Protection

Like your paint, the car's windshield is also vulnerable to rock chips and abrasion damage. To avoid the worst of it, Clearplex film works in precisely the same way as vinyl film, except that it's optically clear, making it perfect for windshields.

Clearplex comes in pre-cut and shrunk (shaped and contoured by heat) DIY kits, and it's available for several European models. However, it can also be custom applied at your local tint shop if your vehicle isn't covered on the pre-cut list.

Without affecting visibility on the racetrack, ClearPlex will give you a measure of protection previously unavailable and avoid expensive windshield replacement or annoying nicks in the glass.


By Doug Neilson
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