To assemble the TT RS bumper, you must first fit the headlight washer covers. Since our car didn't have washers fitted, they were simply plastic-welded into place using a soldering iron.

Now snap the main grille into place from the front. The clips at the top may require extra force, but once in position, secure with the supplied T25 screws from behind.

You can now fit the bumper to the car. Carefully align to avoid paint scratches. You'll need to seat the four bolts into the holes under the headlights, and align the tabs by the wheel housings.

First fit the four 10mm bolts under the lamps before fitting the six T25 screws into the fenders. We spent a few minutes pushing and pulling the bumper into position to get the panel gaps right before tightening everything down.

Screw the splashguard back under the car and drill holes into the bumper for the side pieces. The undertray is different on the RS than our 2.0T but it required a simple modification to screw them into place.

The main part of the front splitter clips into place. Start at one side and push the tabs home until it's secure. Then press the center splitter into place as well. This takes a few seconds.

The side grilles also clip in place, but be careful with the tiny tabs. Before fitting, we noticed the wires and subframe behind them would be visible, so applied matte black paint to disguise everything.

Replace the four T30 bolts around the top of the main grille and re-fit the headlights, reconnect them beforehand. The side trim then snaps back into place between the grille and lamps.

The final step is to fit the RS badge. It's straightforward but we won't tell you the secret to avoid telling people how to steal them!

Fitting the TT RS front bumper shouldn't take more than a couple of hours and has a huge impact on the appearance of the car. We were in two minds about fitting the RS badge since it's only a 2.0T, and we may remove it later to avoid the inevitable confusion that will ensue. However, we're again delighted with the quality of the parts, the ease of installation and the dramatic improvement to the aesthetics. Although not the cheapest front bumper/spoiler on the market, you know its OE quality and will last the life of the car.

TT RS Front Bumper Parts List

Part Part # Number Required Price (each)
front bumper 8J0-807-105-H-GRU 1 $1113
grille (with badge) 8J0-853-651-G-T94 1 $581
cooling grille (left) 8J0-807-681-G-T94 1 $220
cooling grille (right) 8J0-807-682-G-T94 1 $220
grille trim (left) 8J0-807-081-B 1 $60
grille trim (right) 8J0-807-082-RB 1 $60
front splitter 8J0-807-110-G-AP6 1 $304

Project TT

Part Issue Subject
1 9/12 Genuine Audi Accessories body kit, 19" wheels
2 5/13 H&R coilovers, sway bars
3 6/13 TT RS front brakes, 19" wheels
4 9/13 TT RS front bumper, grille

Audi Genuine Accessories
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