Turner Motorsport M5 Pipes

Some people think the F10 BMW M5 doesn't make a sufficiently stirring soundtrack, so these should fix it. Made from mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel with 4" tips, the pipes replace the stock mufflers while bringing some pops, burbles and barks. Windows up, there's not much difference; reportedly no drone at highway cruising speeds. Windows down and right foot exercised, Turner describes the sound as "intoxicating." The company also claims a boost of 14hp and 19 lb-ft of torque while shaving 15 lb. $1049.


Mishimoto Catch Can

Fashioned from 100% 6061 billet aluminum, this unit separates oil particles from positive crankcase ventilation (PCV). The oil goes through a 40-micron bronze filter, while the clean air is re-routed to the intake manifold. It comes with black, red, green, blue or purple accents. $325.


Nordschleife Watch

Horology and history collide as the "Nordschleife 1927" logo reminds us when that legendary circuit first opened its gates. And instead of the usual piffling 12-hour watch face, this has all 24 hours and the hand moves at half the normal rate. Made in Germany with a Swiss quartz movement packed into a 1.69" stainless steel case, it's protected by mineral glass while clasping your wrist with a black leather band. $139.


Mothers Compound and Polish

Used by body shop and detail pros, now these two products are available to Joe Public. The Rubbing Compound gets rid of tiny scratches and water marks, while the Finishing Polish can remove swirls, hazing or other minor blemishes. If you follow the instructions, both can bring paintwork up to a shine, ready for waxing. Both are safe on all paint and clearcoat. $33.67 (Rubbing Compound); $13.49 (Finishing Polish).


E30 3 Series Performance Guide

If you're hoping to buy the classic E30 BMW 3 Series (1982-94), this new Guide from CarTech breaks down exactly what to look for when buying one. It covers which models to choose, the pitfalls to avoid, what to expect when test-driving , changes by year as well as some model history. Once you find the right car, the same book offers tuning advice from how-to's on suspension installation to bolt-on engine mods, which trans swaps will work, basic restoration, etc. There's even a short chapter on racing the E30 and some basic preparation advice. $24.95 (plus $6.95 shipping).


Corsa 335i Exhaust

Corsa claims its new 304L stainless steel cat-back exhaust for the 2007-10 BMW 335i (E90/92) is "whisper-quiet" at cruising speeds. But the sound becomes "bold and crisp" under acceleration. The company also expects an extra 11hp and 5 lb-ft of torque thanks to a 35% gain in exhaust flow compared to the factory system. It comes with 4" tips, either polished or finished in diamond black. $1899.99.


Spark Earphones

Cunningly designed to resemble spark plugs, these earphones contain an 8mm high-performance dynamic driver as well as a high-definition acoustic filter. There's also an in-line controller to play, pause or skip tracks, plus a microphone to make phone calls (when plugged into a smartphone). They come in a leather case with three extra pairs of earbuds. Highlight colors are grey, silver, blue, black, gold or pink. $59.95.


Contour ROAM2

Laser alignment, 270? rotating lens and robust design make the new Contour ROAM2 one of the most versatile action sport digital video cameras on the market. Its extensive range of options makes this one of the most desired among enthusiast. Its simple switches allow for on-demand recording and with its unique rotating lens options, gives you more than one perspective from a single vantage point. The new range is available in a number of colors, including this new brushed blue finish. $199.99.


Auto Meter GT Gauges

The new range of Auto Meter dials sport white LED illumination, carbon fiber faces and matte black bezels. They're available in many configurations and suitable for custom builds or auxiliary panels. From $75.


Genius Vehicle Recorder

If you saw those Russian meteorite videos then you'll know what this is: it's a 5MP dash camera from Genius the records HD video using a 128° wide-angle lens. Playback can be viewed on the built-in 2.4" LCD screen and the company claims the DVR-FHD590 camera works equally well in low-light situations or bright sunshine. Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a car-charging cable and windshield mount are included. There's also a G sensor included in the software. Genius emphasizes the unit's ability to provide video evidence in case of an accident, but it could also be a useful companion on a track day. $149.99.


Phiaton Moderna MS 200

The Moderna earphones were designed to provide the ultimate in durability, style and convenience. A signature of Phiaton's line, the Moderna's red and black design offers a bold look and its genuine carbon fiber housings offer added durability and sex appeal. For convenience, the Moderna's tangle-free, oval-shaped cable includes a built-in microphone for use on-the-go. Phiaton's new "Multi-Tune Acoustic Design" allowed sound engineers to combine the bass response of in-ear style buds with the crystal-clear high frequency response of open-ear style earphones. A leather case is also included. $119.


Elevate Volvo Parts

Anybody looking to boost output of their T5 engine in the Volvo C30, S40 or V70 should take a good look at Elevate's range of parts. The company claims maximum horsepower of 416hp and 423 lb-ft of torque using all 15 components. These range from silicone hoses to a big-turbo kit, plus engine software and a sports exhaust system on the way. Prices start at $69 (hose) and go up to $3690 (turbo kit).


Wilwood Mini Kit

Wilwood Engineering has a new front brake kit from for the 2002-on Mini Cooper and Cooper S. Four-piston calipers bite 11.75" rotors that are ventilated and slotted in its GT pattern. The kit includes aluminum hats, mounting brackets and all hardware needed for easy installation. It also comes with Wilwood BP-10 high-performance street brake pads. $1077.99.


Overfinch Range Rover Wheels

The new "Zeus" wheel from British Range Rover specialists Overfinch was designed especially for the latest generation Range Rover (L405). Size is 23x10.5" with a 285/35 tire recommended. The wheel is a one-piece cast aluminum construction for strength and comes in gloss black or satin silver. $8475 for a set of four.


AWE Downpipe Removal Tool

It's tricky reaching the downpipe bolts on the 2010-on B8/8.5 Audi S4 and S5 models, as AWE Tuning's own engineers often find. So the company designed a specific tool for the job and decided it was too good to keep to themselves. So now Audi owners can benefit from this nickel-plated tool with a 12-point, box-end wrench that accepts a 3/8" ratchet. $29.95.


Neu-F Anti-Roll Bars

Neuspeed's dedicated Fiat division, Neu-F, now offers a 25mm front sway bar and 28mm rear torsion bar to replace the smaller stock equivalents on the Fiat 500 Abarth. These will reduce body lean through corners and offer crisper turn-in. Made from aero-grade steel, the front bar has 7075-T6 billet brackets with greased fittings; the rear bar has knurled ends. $369.95 (front), $169.95 (rear).


Integrated Surge Tanks

Designed by Integrated Engineering for use with Bosch 044 fuel pumps, these single- or dual surge tanks provide a useful fuel reserve if the in-tank pump should be starved of fuel by hard cornering or a fast launch. Universal and small enough to fit almost anywhere, the single surge tanks can support more than 650hp, while the dual versions can handle more than 1200hp. From $239.99.


ArmorAll Coating

This protective coating is said to offer a smarter alternative to the "car bra." The coating sprays on, dries quickly, lasts for up to three months, and peels away by hand. No tools needed. Not only does it work on grilles, hoods and rocker panels, but can also be applied to wheels as a way of reducing brake dust. Comes in black, white and clear. $14.99


Fanatec BMW M3 GT2 ClubSport Wheel

If you're familiar with breaking the tail loose on your M3, you know it isn't quite the same as pressing a button on a videogame controller. So the petrolheads at Fanatec know exactly what you're missing and have developed a racing wheel and hub simulator system that's sure to appeal to the race sim fans. The authentic BMW M3 GT2 steering rim is practically pulled off the real racecar. It has the official badge plus a real alcantara-wrapped rim, machined aluminum paddle shifters, quick-release hub and shift light to make this the most hardcore steering wheel for your Gran Tourismo 5 needs. The wheel uses a unique, heavy-duty belt-drive system to give better feedback and the ClubSport base unit plugs into your PC or PS3 to give you real-life steering feel. $249-steering wheel, $449.95 base unit.


AWE Audi S6/S7 Exhaust

A new addition to the Touring Edition exhaust from AWE Tuning is this version that fits the latest S6 and S7 models. Made from 2.5" mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel, AWE claims the 4.0T engine gets a hike of up to 27hp and 31 lb-ft (at the crank). The system uses Hemholtz resonators to avoid drone and it comes with either polished silver or black 4" tips. There's also a lifetime warranty and guarantee of no "check engine light" issues. From $2599.


P3Cars Vent Gauge

Fitting an auxiliary gauge in your car can cause space or packaging problems, so P3Cars has a clever solution that places a digital readout in the cooling vent, without sacrificing the air flow. The gauge plugs into the car to provide a readout of various functions such as boost, vacuum, voltage, 0- 60mph, plus other useful information. There are also three additional analog inputs for wideband and other 0-5v sensors, if there's something you particularly want to monitor. The gauges are currently available for many BMW, Audi and VW models, and we hope to have an installation article in the mag soon. From $389.


Logic3 Ferrari iPod Speaker

Its no wonder Ferrari was given the 2012 Most Powerful Brand award, just one look at its extensive branded product line up and you'd be hard pressed not to purchase something with the Prancing Horse logo. Although we might be tempted to whisper about weakening the brand, as long as it endorses products like this Logic3 speaker dock, we see no real problems. It has a simple Bluetooth set-up and the expected Ferrari sex appeal of a great overall design, with a stylish remote control. And the performance of the speaker had our neighbors knocking on the door to keep it down. Patented Class HD technology delivers amplifier technology with high power and efficiency, while the integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP), controls the crossover and equalization to ensure a rich tone. The speaker offers a natural musical timbre with extended low frequency response and is hands down, one of the best dock systems we've sampled. It has the performance any audiophile will appreciate with the looks to appeal to Ferrari fanatics everywhere. $549.


Toyo Proxes R888 Tires

The well-regarded Proxes R888 now comes in four sizes to fit Porsche cars for both street and track. Suitable for 19" staggered wheel fitments, the available sizes are 245/35, 265/35, 325/30 and huge 345/30 ZR19. All feature the signature "semi-slick" tread design. $TBA.


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