Caractere 991 tuning program

Owners of the 991 generation Porsche 911 can give their rides extra Caractere thanks to the tuning company's rear diffuser that accommodates North American license plates. The whole program includes front bumper, side skirts, wheels, rear wing, carbon fiber interior trim and a sports exhaust system with valve control. It's TuV-approved and made from PUR-RIM injection-molded polyurethane. From $10999.

KW 991 adjustable springs

KW, the sultans of springs, has produced a height-adjustable kit for the 991 iteration of the Porsche 911 Carrera 2 and 2S. Both ends can drop 15-35mm, while retaining sufficient suspension travel for loads and/or cornering forces. The kit also works with PASM-equipped models, but not with PDCC. $1589.99.

Logic3 headphones

From the F1 pitwall to your head, these gorgeous-looking Ferrari-branded headphones come from Logic3. Each ear is caressed by a 50mm dynamic driver, with internal reflectors for natural sound. The pads are ultra-soft and made with breathable materials, while the cables are claimed to be anti-tangle. They come with adaptors for either 6.3mm or airline plugs. The product is also available in black. $249.

Mothers Leather Cleaner

With the new LeatherTech Foaming Wash and Moisture Infusion Gel from Mothers, the wash cleans leather upholstery, while the gel moisturizes it. The wash also attacks stains, dissolves and lifts away dirt. Mothers claims the gel can prevent fading, drying and cracking without leaving a greasy residue. $7.99 for the wash, $13.99 for the gel.

Neuspeed K04 discharge pipe

Made from 57mm aluminum tubing, with a billet aluminum locking fitting, this high-flow turbo discharge pipe from Neuspeed complements aftermarket K04 conversion kits. It replaces the factory's more restrictive plastic outlet on 2008.5 and above VW/Audi 2.0 TSI engines. It's finished in a stealthy black wrinkle powdercoat. $199.95.

Raceland E30 coilovers

Owners (or potential owners) of the 1982-94 BMW 3 Series (E30) should pay attention. This adjustable coilover kit retains the OEM front strut body, so no modifications are needed. Yet it can also drop the stock ride height from 1-3". $369.

A/C Hose Kit

Save cash on mechanics' bills with the ACP-400 hose kit. Featuring an extra-long, heavy-duty hose with a large gauge, it connects to all standard cans of R-134a refrigerant. The company claims that by using this kit, recharging a car's air conditioning system is "as easy as filling a tire with air." $24.99.

Gasket phone case

Perhaps the coolest case for the iPhone 5 is this Gasket V8 from id America. It has a lightweight aluminum skeleton and comes in silver, gold, grey, blue, red or green. There's also a protective film for the phone's screen. $29.95.

AWE allroad exhaust

It's time for the 2013 Audi allroad to get an exhaust upgrade. AWE's Touring Edition pipes are made from T304 stainless steel and come with either polished silver or diamond black 4" tips, fitting nicely in the factory valance. AWE claims gains of up to 9hp and 7 lb-ft thanks to the better breathing. The company also suggests its Hemholtz resonators cut drone, yet sound appealing at full throttle. From $1849.

Fanatec RennSport cockpit V2

For racing sim fanatics, the latest iteration of the RennSport cockpit from Fanatec in Germany offers plenty of adjustability and ergonomic good sense. It's all designed to make your living room feel more like the virtual streets of Monaco before you take to the track. The new design has improved comfort to help you relax, and can accept one of three racing seats, including the Sparco Pro 2000. The cockpit can also be upgraded with a variety of accessories, monitors, speakers, etc. From $999.

Handpresso Coffee Maker

This is an in-car espresso machine we thought you might enjoy. Plug it into the 12v socket, add water and an espresso pod, wait a couple of minutes and, bingo; a refreshing jolt of espresso caffeine. It could be great for long journeys or glamping weekends where you don't want to give up every creature comfort. $199.

Scosche ControlFreq Receiver

This could be useful when replacing an old stereo system: As well as iPod, CD and MP3 capability plus good old-fashioned AM/FM radio, this unit can be controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth. It can stream music from the phone, courtesy of an accompanying free app. It plays SD cards and facilitates hands-free calls as well. $139.99.

Forge 997 Induction Kit

This air filter for the 997-generation Porsche 911 Turbo offers an improved filtration area and 30% more airflow compared to the stock unit. Forge also claims it filters to a finer level. The surrounding cowl is made from carbon fiber and clips into place using factory fittings. The system saves some weight, sounds cool, looks good and comes with a lifetime warranty. $1000.

Bav Auto oil extractor

Made specifically for owners who like to perform DIY lube changes, this oil vacuum pump is able to suck lubricant up through the dipstick hole and into the container. It has a wide base for stability, three sturdy handles and a cap that fits tight for spill-free carrying. The capacity is 7.5 quarts, which should be enough for most cars, but you can always empty it and continue if the container isn't big enough. We have one of these ourselves and hope to test it soon on our own oil changes. $89.95.

A/C Pro Max Seal

If you have a leaky air-conditioning systems in your car, it's claimed that A/C Pro Max Seal will restore the R-134a refrigerant and stop the leaks thanks to sealant chemicals that bind to gaskets and O-rings. The formula also includes anti-corrosive additives that inhibit acid and moisture from collecting in the system, thereby helping to prevent future leaks. $19.99.

DEI Turbo Shield

This turbo heat shield from Design Engineering Inc is claimed to have titanium-like strength from the construction that includes pulverized lava rock that's extruded into fibers and then woven with fireproof silica insulation. The shield can withstand temperatures up to 1370? C. And since a cooler engine bay means less lag and optimum power, as well as no melted hood, wiring or other parts, it's a good addition for modified cars. $237.39 or less.

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