Milltek 135i exhaust

Not one but two stainless steel, mandrel-bent exhaust systems have been announced for the BMW 135i: one for the E82 Coupe, the other for the E87 Cabriolet. Milltek has also taken into account the demands of the N54 and N55 engines to do this. Full turbo-back, primary or secondary cat-back versions are available with polished stainless or ceramic-black dual GT-80 tips. As well as a "crisp and throaty" note, Milltek claims gains of 30hp. $TBA.

Bilstein CSC Clubsport coilovers

Designed for road and track, Bilstein's CSC Clubsport coilover suspension puts the E92 BMW M3 on another level, literally. The ride height adjustment is accompanied by ten bump and rebound settings to choose from. Bilstein went for an internal reservoir to reduce weight and maximize space for aftermarket wheels and big brake upgrades. If the name wasn't reason enough to buy these, knowing they were tested and raced on the Nordschleife might seal the deal. $4595.

ESR phone cases

Available for the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, these stylish plastic cases have the Eat Sleep Race logo in full color with a matte finish. $29.99.

Neuspeed intercooler delete kit

For anyone using Neuspeed's front-mount intercooler on their '06-on (Mk5, Mk6) VW/Audi 2.0-liter turbo, here's some good news. The company has introduced its OEM intercooler-delete kit, which is claimed to optimize air flow and efficiency as well as reducing weight. It also supports the A/C condenser and coolant radiator, bolting to the front core support using the factory mounts. $209.95.

Meguiar's White & Black Waxes

The car cleaning specialists, Meguiar's, has developed special waxes to address particular issues related to both white and black paintwork. The white stuff removes dirt and grime, and leaves a protective layer of carnauba and polymers. The black stuff results in a deep, lush "wet" look. Both can be applied by hand or with Meguiar's dual-action polisher. $10.99.

Royal Purple Max-Clean

Made specifically for turbocharged, direct-injected and/or small-displacement engines, this fuel-stabilizing additive is said to protect against build-up of internal deposits and clogged injectors. Royal Purple claims it can restore fuel economy as well as a reduce tailpipe emissions, all while retrieving an average 2.6% of lost horsepower. The company suggests Max-Clean will prevent engine knocking, rough idling and premature spark plug fouling thanks to cleaner running. $16.99.

Powerflex Black Series bushings

Coming to the US, these polyurethane suspension bushings are made specifically for track and rally use. Rated at 95A on the Shore hardness scale (which is pretty hard), Powerflex claims its new Black Series range is 80% more resistant to load than standard rubber. The entire line of 2500 bushings extend from Alfa Romeo to Volvo. $TBA.

Turtle Wax Rinse Free Wash & Wax

Said to save time, money and water, this Rinse Free formula requires 4oz mixed in two gallons of water and should clean paint, plastic, glass and rubber without the need to be rinsed off. Special polymers can trap dirt particles that end up in the bucket. No hose required. One bottle is good for eight car washes. $7.99.

P3Cars vent gauge

The team at Turner Motorsport wanted you to see the new P3Cars vent gauge. It's suitable for several BMW models (the E82 1 Series, E9X and F30 3 Series, F10 5 Series) and plugs into the OBD socket. It can be programmed to display acceleration and braking times, boost levels, plus various other functions. It's simple and quick to install, and the vent still works. It can also be unplugged so mechanics can access the OBD port. $409.95, or $469.95 installed.

Neu-F spring kit

Neu-F is a division of the famed Neuspeed company. The F brand concentrates on Fiat cars and these performance lowering springs are the latest enhancements for the 500/Abarth. Neu-F claims a reduction in body roll through corners, less front-end dive under heavy braking, and an overall improvement in handling and steering. The kit also cuts that gap in the wheel well for extra cool factor. $280.

Snap-on hybrid light

It's a conventional flashlight that also has the ability to be a work light thanks to 16 LEDs giving 180? of illumination. The cool-burning lamp also has a magnetic base, making it a fine companion for under-hood tasks. It's water-resistant and comes with three AAA batteries at an affordable price. $9.99.

Fluidampr crank damper

This works on VW/Audi VR6 engines. It reduces the crankshaft's torsional vibration and allows the engine to work more efficiently. Fluidampr's race-quality viscous damper claims to hike horsepower and torque across the rev range: an average of 3.3hp and 4 lb-ft measured at the wheels. It is CNC-machined, finished in black zinc chromate with engraved timing marks, and accepts OEM-style crank pulley tools. $485.

Ken Block Spy sunglasses

Spy Optic has released a new line of sunglasses in its successful Ken Block series. "We went wild on the graphics and colors," said Block about the new range. They're made from bomb-proof Grilamid, while offering 100% UV protection through optically correct ARC lenses. Mr. Block's official review was summed up in one word..."dope." Although we sampled the previous range and can be a little more articulate: the frames are light, don't irritate or cause sweating and are extremely comfortable. The lenses are polarized and offer good protection from glare. In fact, we still use them everyday but with the more restrained graphics. $139.95.

BFI billet engine mounts

Black Forest Industries employed laser scanning technology to create these billet aluminum engine mounts. Designed to fit the Audi A4 from 1996 to the current generation (B5, B6, B7, B8), they come in Stage 1 form that is aimed at the "spirited" driver who wants more control but not at the expense of all comfort. Stage 2 is for the "hardcore enthusiast" who's "more concerned with performance than cabin vibration." From $169.99 each.

Optrix XD5 case

"The world's toughest case disaster-proofs the iPhone 5" is how Optrix describes its new XD5 case. Waterproof to 15ft and able to survive a drop of 40ft, the XD5 also has a 175? lens for the iPhone 5's 1080p HD video camera, plus a protective membrane that allows people to use all the touchscreen functions. A rail mounting system makes the iPhone 5 a helmet cam, chest cam, dash cam or wherever else you place the mount. A flap gives access to the charger socket, so the case can be used daily. Optrix also offers video recording and editing software, including the option of telemetry readouts such as speed, G-force and lap times on the video. $129.95.

Bilstein B6 sport dampers

Those old Porsche 911 models (from 1972-1990) were always fun, but chances are their suspensions are getting tired. And wouldn't it be great to replace them with more modern units? That was Bilstein's idea with the B6 range of dampers. The company offers Club Sport, Sportlich Strasse and Rallye 1000 variations to create "better than new" ride and handling characteristics. $279 each, front; $194 each, rear.

Mishimoto oil coolers

These universal coolers come in 10- or 19-row sizes, will keep your oil cool and protect a hot engine. What's more, they also come in black if you need to be stealthy. From $125.

Akrapovic 991 exhaust

Originally known for its motorcycle products, Akrapovic is now one of the most respected names in high quality car systems. And the latest offering is for the 991-generation Porsche 911 Carrera, S, 4 and 4S. The Slovenian company's Slip-On line of titanium pipes enjoys the expertise that led to a 2008 victory in the BFGoodrich Long Distance Championship with the Manthey-Racing Porsche 997 RSR team. Weighing just 43.7 lb, it shaves 19.4 lb off the stock system. Akarapovic also claims a hike of 18hp and 25.8 lb-ft while retaining the standard catalytic converter. There's also a wireless option to adjust with noise control valves. From $9150.

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