Replay HD Video Camera

The size of a lip balm tube, weighing 2oz and able to capture up to two hours of high-def video, the Replay XD720 packs a 5mp sensor, onboard mic, audio input and a 120? non-distorting lens inside a water-resistant aluminum casing. It comes with a 4GB micro-SD card, but can support up to 32GB. Also included is a carrying case, USB cable, card adaptor, car power adaptor, safety leash and two mounts. $199.99.

BBS SV Wheel

Designed for today's high performance SUVs, BBS introduces their latest design - the SV. Constructed utilizing cast and flow-form technology, it should be one of the best offerings on the market. And with a name like BBS, you can bet on the quality being top notch. It's available in a Titanium finish or Satin Black with a diamond-cut face. Sizes are offered in 20" and 22" diameters for Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes and Porsche applications. $695.

Replay Accessories

The full set of video accessories comprises a 4" HD monitor screen, high-impact polycarbonate deep dive (195ft) housing, battery pack and rapid charger. All these goodies make the Replay XD1080 video camera even more useful for shooting your favorite subjects and activities. ReView monitor $189; deep water housing $39.99; rapid charger $29.99; battery packs $59.99-99.99.

ECS E39 Brake Kit

Getting a '95-03 BMW 5 Series to stop just became much easier with the latest ECS Tuning front brake kit. One version uses drilled and slotted BMW discs, while a second offers two-piece ECS ventilated discs. In either case, the 13.3" rotors are bitten by six-piston calipers. Also included are ECS stainless steel brake lines, relevant hardware, brake pad sensors and one-liter of ATE Super Blue DOT 4 brake fluid. The conversion is compatible with 17" wheels or larger. From $1199.95.

Forge R60 Inlet Hose

Anybody with an R60 Mini Cooper S can now upgrade the inlet hose with a track-quality Forge Motorsport silicone equivalent. The Forge folks say it can withstand high temperatures and pressures, and will last longer than the factory part. Available in black, blue or red. $150.

Ziza headlight lenses

Mk4 VW Golf headlights tend to haze with age, and are often bashed about by life on the road. Ziza, from ECS Tuning, now offers all-glass replacement lenses that won't yellow and resist dirt abrasion better than plastic equivalents, according to Ziza. They're said to be easy to install, provided you have a heat gun and silicone sealer. The kit comes with two lenses plus clips. $80.96.

Detail Addict

As car enthusiasts, we're always looking for the right detailing products, and a new range of products from Detail Addicts has been developed to help clean, condition and maintain your prized possession. These items have apparently been a well-kept secret within the professional detailing industry and have finally come to the market so everybody can put them to good use. We received Rub & Shine, Glass Cleaner, Engine-Wheel Cleaner and Detail Spray to try on our own project cars and like what we've seen so far. Stay tuned to for our impressions when we really put them to the test.

Black Forest Flywheel

Weighing just 8.75 lb, this piece of forged 4140 steel is a great billet flywheel for the VW 020 transmissions. In other words, Mk2 and Mk3 Golf and Jetta models (1988-98) plus the 1985-02 VW Cabrio with 1.8L and 2.0L engines. $229.99.

Continental Accessory Drive

When it's time to replace a worn-out serpentine accessory drive setup, have a look at these. OE-quality belts, idlers and tensioner pulleys are all part of the deal, saving time and money that would've been spent sourcing each component separately. Made by Continental, there are 32 such kits, researched and packaged to fit more than 21 million vehicles, including European imports. $TBD.

aFe Throttle Body Spacer

The latest part from Advanced Flow Engineering is a throttle body spacer for the 2012-13 BMW 328i (with the four-cylinder N20/N26 2.0L turbo). In fact, aFe claims it can add 6hp and 10 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to its serrated/helix design, it creates turbulence as air enters the cylinders. This helps the air/fuel mixture burn more efficiently, for more power and sharper throttle response. It's made from T-6061 billet aluminum and is 50-state legal. $313.95.

DBR9 - "The Definitive History"

Produced by TAG Books, this publication looks at one of the most beautiful GT racecars of modern times. It overwhelms you with stunning photos of the Aston Martin DB9R and so much data about each and every car that was built and raced since day one.

Did we mention its covered in genuine leather, embossed with the DBR9 logo? It has 296 pages in a large 11x13" format that includes six color prints and a hard slipcase plus 3D images, technical drawings, gatefold pages and 400 photos; many previously unseen.

As it claims to be the definitive history we found cutaway images of the car's safety construction, and another of the engine and suspension layout. It investigates the car's homologation, aero efficiency, chassis history, plus the performance of every driver at every race. There's a diagram of every switch in the car, an explanation of all the evolution upgrades. There's insight into every team that ever raced the car, every driver who got behind the wheel, etc, etc. It's astonishing to imagine even trying to collate all this information, yet here it is.

It's bound to impress anybody who finds it on your coffee table, not least for its weight and quality, beyond its dazzling contents.

TAG Books are only printing 2700 copies of the Aficiando's Edition priced at 450 euros. Then there will be 270 copies of the Driver's Edition for 650 euros with a suede cover and yellow stripe to resemble the car's steering wheel. Finally, there's an unspecified price for the Owner's Circle edition. For information and ordering visit

GoPro Hero3 App

The clever GoPro Hero3 HD video cameras now have more functionality with a smartphone app that gives users a preview feature, plus the ability to control all the settings. A camera software update is needed, but then the app uses wifi to transform the usual array of smartphones and tablets into remote controls and virtual viewfinders. $free.

ECS Vacuum/Boost Gauge

The guys at ECS keep those vent-mounted vacuum/boost gauges coming. This time it's a model for the Mk5 VW Golf and Jetta with TSI and FSI engines. The kit comes with a factory-style face, functional vent, hoses, "plug-n-play' electrical connections, color-coded wiring and instructions. $179.95.

034 VR6 Turbo Kit

What's not to like? A Mk5 VW R32 making up to 705hp, thanks to a Precision 6262 turbocharger plus the downpipe, software, intercooler, wastegate, clamp kit and trimmings to fit it. Without the optional upgrades, 034Motorsport claims 425hp and 386 lb-ft of torque on 91-octane fuel. $5895.

250 GTO Cufflinks

For those special occasions when you venture out wearing a shirt with cufflinks, here are some that pay homage to the iconic shift gate introduced on the Ferrari 250 GTO all those years ago. They're made from high-grade silver in the USA and come in a red suede box. $360.

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