In the February 2004 issue of ec, we put Autotech's R32 brake conversion to the test, and it passed with flying colors. To save space in the magazine, we're presenting the how-to procedure here online.

Since we did the front brakes in the field, sans photo equipment, the disassembly procedure will be delivered in shorthand by means of an exploded diagram. You should have a Bentley factory workshop manual on hand when working on your vehicle, and leave the job to a professional if it seems out of your league.

Removing the Front Brakes

Begin by removing the anti-rattle clip #5. Remove the two bolts #9 holding the caliper to the carrier. This will allow the caliper have (#7) to be pulled free. Remove brake pads (#3 & #4.) On the driver's side, you will have to unfasten the brake wear indicator wire. Since the R32 pads do not have this wire, you should tape up the connector at the strut housing. The caliper should not be allowed to dangle on the brake hose. Support its weight with a piece of wire while you're removing the caliper carrier bolts (#11.) Finally, remove the banjo bolt for the brake hose (#10.) The caliper and carrier are now removed. Finally, remove the small allen bolt locating the rotor on the hub (#1.) Remove the rotor.

Installing the Front Brakes

Removing the Rear BrakesInstalling the rear brakes is a bit more difficult as the rear hubs must be removed. Because they're coming off, you'll most likely need to replace the bearings as they're often damaged when pulling. At the very least, plan ahead and have the parts handy.

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