After a great deal of research, the car's owner decided that the 997S X51 engine swap was most fitting for his goal of a turning a stock Cayman S into the ultimate street-worthy track car. He also wants to keep it serviceable at the dealer by including as many original factory parts as possible. And we'll require a great deal of technical of help. Fortunately, Norden Autohaus of Edmonton has an internal tuning arm, Norden Performance, with many key corporate alliances within the Porsche tuning aftermarket. More importantly, Norden Performance has full access to all in-house Porsche technicians. These talented guys will be doing the bulk of the work.

The series will progress thusly. Part two will include all aspects of the Porsche-to-Porsche engine swap. Part three will discuss preparation for the track and initial testing. And part four will be the full feature-length final test, when we put our "science project" up against the legend in an on-track shoot-out. I promise you won't want to miss it.

Project Z4 M Lap Time Progression
Article Upgrade Average Delta Fastest Delta
(progressive) Lap Time Avg. Time Lap Time Fast Time
Part 1 Stock 100.8 99.80
Part 2 Add strut brace 98.00 2.80 96.70 3.10
Part 2 Wheel/tire upgrade 95.10 2.90 93.90 2.80
(+13 whp)
Part 3 Four-wheel brake upgrade 93.10 2.00 92.75 1.10
Part 4 Suspension upgrade 91.10 2.00 90.75 2.05
Part 5 Engine performance 90.20 0.90 89.55 1.20
(+29 whp)
Part 6 R-compound tires 89.30 0.90 88.05 1.50
Nitto Tire USA
6021 Katella Avenue, Suite 250
CA  90630
By Doug Neilson
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