As if experiencing nearly 100 wheel-hp over the factory baseline wasn't enough, we decided to top out this month's playtime with GIAC 100-octane software, which increases power over its pump octane program by getting more aggressive with ignition timing in the meat of the powerband, but keeping the turbos regulated at the same 17 psi boost. While the car experiences a gut-wrenching 605 wheel-hp on a real cool run, Imagine Auto was able to reproduce consistent runs in the 580-hp range.

What's next? We're going to install trick coilovers that work with the electronically controlled suspension system. Then play with the engine some more. With such ridiculous torque down low (it makes 400 lb-ft at just 2800 rpm on a fourth-gear pull), there's some room to give in exchange for a torquier top end, while keeping the powerband totally street- and track-worthy. That said, Imagine Auto, Evolution Motorsports and GIAC will soon attempt to extract a little more power with a set of reworked turbos and retuned software.

Having tested other all-wheel-drive turbo Porsches in both rear- and all-wheel drive modes on the dyno, IA reports that testing in rear-wheel drive mode usually ups the horsepower figure another eight percent over all-wheel horsepower. That should give a better sense of how hard the engine is working to power all four wheels.

Brembo Imagine Auto
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