This happened in early 2007. Today, the car has a newly built T66 turbo with Turbonetics' F1-65 wheel-slightly larger and improved over the P-trim turbine wheel it replaces. Even with this larger exhaust wheel, I'm now able to see over 20 psi on pump fuel on a humid 90-degree Kansas day when adding 30 percent methanol to the AA/Aquamist water-injection mix. It's sweet, with zero knock activity. Sure, the new setup is a hair laggier than the smaller P-trim, but not by as much as I expected. The reduced midrange torque has helped gain some traction in the first-to-second shift, so I think it made the car quicker given the street tires.

Why no dyno with this new setup? That leads to the sad news. I've sold Project M3. The car will be back in Southern California by the time you read this. Excuse me while I wipe tears from the keyboard.

1. ICS Performance is a TC Kline dealer. TCK's Smart DA Suspension comes complete with specially valved Koni race-built dampers, Vogtland VVS springs, adjustable camber and caster plates, rear ride height adjusters, aluminum rear shock mounts and height adjusting wrenches.

2. Up front sit 400-pound springs.

3. The rear sports 500-pound springs to keep understeer in check. This setup is really nice on the street at the softest setting.

4. For track events with R-compound tires, start stiffening the Koni-built shocks with the supplied bump adjusters. If that uses too much of the outside of the tire, the camber can be adjusted by lifting the front of the car and loosening the three shock tower nuts.

5. You can also play with the rebound. A screwdriver will do the trick and it's 12 distinct clicks.

6. To renew the overall feel of the car, we also added Powerflex bushings from SPA Technique. Clockwise from top left: concentric front lower wishbone rear, rear anti-roll bar, rear trailing arm, rear beam mounting bushing front, rear beam mounting bushing rear.

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