7. With the SFR Turbo kit, the new intercooler piping gives plenty of room for the anti-roll bar link. Pictured on the right is the modified version Evosport made for us. Pictured left is the BMP Design adjustable link currently on the car.

8. VAC Motorsport offers genuine BMW forged aluminum control arms to reduce unsprung weight. These are the same units found in E30 M3s and are a direct replacement for the E36. Total weight saving is nine pounds.

9. As boost increases, off-line performance is compromised with wheel spin that doesn't go away until third gear. Past third (70-120 mph) acceleration becomes exponential.

10. Since the original BMW X-brace went missing at some point, we ordered another from Bimmerbum.com. At $125, it the best price we could find. Turn-in response is fully restored.

11. UUC Motorwerks sells a magnesium strut tower bar. At just two pounds, it stiffens the front shock towers and limits chassis flex, while not adding significant weight.

12. A comparison between a stock 3.2-liter M3 versus Project M3 on pump gas tuning, both tested on Imagine Auto's Mustang MD 500 dyno. Even with 8.2:1 compression, the car hangs in there down low. But as long as revs are kept above 4000, Vader M3 is in a different galaxy.

UUC Motorwerks Evosport
Advanced Engine Management
2205 126th St., Unit A
CA  90250
SPA Technique
Dept. 5.0
1209 Indy Way
IN  46214
Auto Meter
667 West 100 North
Box 717
UT  84627
Continental Tire
BMP Design Speed Force Racing
ICS Performance Imagine Auto
Bavarian Autosport VAC Motorsports
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