And I had given Vitesse the wrong injector information. I said they were 50 lb/hour, which was about right, but they were high impedance and the DME is set to drive low impedance injectors. How the car ever ran for this long is a mystery.

It was obviously time to order a new set of injectors and Marren Fuel Injection was the place to go. These guys sell practically anything fuel-related and they're highly knowledgeable. Because we felt confident we'd get the car to idle well and wanted to leave room for an improvement in power, we ordered 72 lb/hour (750cc/min) low impedance injectors, which, thankfully, Vitesse had built an option for in its MAF software. All I had to do was toggle the switches on the chip/board to the right combo.

The fine-tuning part of the fuel curve was fairly easy, although Joseph gave me a thorough walk-through. The one thing I really noticed was the smoothness at part-throttle that I had a hard time getting with the previous system. This gives us a good starting point with this newly broken-in engine.

Unfortunately, we have a turbocharger that needs rebuilding, so back to Turbonetics. I suspect insufficient lubrication is the culprit and plan to address this next. On the street, Project 951 has been making 17 psi off the Tial 44mm wastegate, thanks to the 1-bar larger Tial wastegate spring with a 0.2-bar inner spring that I added. But just like on the last Dynojet 224x loading dyno, House of Power's 224x only allowed 14 psi. And that's where it'll stay until I get a boost controller. Even with the ill turbo, 280 wheel-hp is possible at this modest boost level.

The current owner of Project 951 (reluctantly, I sold it last year) hopes to get some more mid-range performance. Maybe it doesn't help that he has his 997 S to compare it to. Turbonetics will be sending our unit back, doing away with the 0.68 P-trim housing and going with a 0.58 aspect ratio housing with Turbonetics' new P-trim replacement inside, the F-165 turbine wheel.

In the meantime, we'll also put on a boost controller, splash some racing fuel, reset the Vitesse software to the 100-octane program and hope for a few good rips on the dyno.

Tial Turbonetics
2255 Agate Ct.
Simi Valley
CA  93065
Precision Motion
117A Ardmore St.
Riverside, CA 92507
CA  92507
House of Power
Vitesse Racing Marren Fuel Injection
Advanced Engine Management
2205 126th St., Unit A
CA  90250
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