4. Vitesse's software chip/board replaces our original Weltmeister chip. Those four switches offer 16 different tuned images, including those for either race fuel or pump fuel.

5. Our 72 lb/hour low-impedance fuel injectors came from Marren Fuel Injection and included a flow data sheet confirming their accuracy.

6. Precision Motion's Kris Kravig installed the injectors.

7. Owner Don Kravig soldered the Vitesse PiggyBack wires to certain sensor wires going to the DME.

8. Now we control the fuel and ignition maps in the Vitesse software.

9. The MAF chip installed. Four little toggle switches allow up to 16 different maps. The green lights indicate which ones are 'on.' In this case, all of them.

The Vitesse MAF kit has several unique features. The sensor is calibrated to Vitesse's specifications, so it can support high-horsepower applications. According to Vitesse, the air/fuel ratio and ignition will always be on target, regardless of boost level, ambient temperature or elevation, because the air mass is measured directly by the MAF, which is then interpreted correctly by the custom Vitesse MAF software in the DME. The software eliminates the need for a piggyback system to modify the MAF signal. Any future upgrades, such as head work and exhaust changes, will automatically be compensated for by the software. The kit can also offer externally selected dual fuel and ignition maps, as well as dual rev limiters, for customers with differing fuel octane requirements.

Normal batch injection with the stock DME software fires all fuel injectors twice per duty cycle. With extra-large injectors, the idle and cruising quality can suffer because the injectors operate at too low a duty cycle. In these instances, Vitesse's software enhances the DME to run in semi-batch mode, which fires the injectors once per cycle, but for twice as long. This gives larger injectors time to work optimally in these low-flow conditions. The software automatically switches between batch and semi-batch operation as necessary while the engine is running. The end result is a smoother idle and crisper response, even when running injectors up to 83 lb/hr.

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