The cabin remains predominantly stock with the exception of a few signature items. A thickly padded leather three-spoke GT3 steering wheel replaces the standard and somewhat dull four-spoke vinyl unit. The additional padding expands the wheel diameter 2.4mm over stock. It also features an ergonomically contoured design for a more natural and comfortable grip. We also upgraded the standard shift knob/boot with a leather-wrapped model. The shifter itself was swapped for a Tequipment short-throw unit. The result is night and day, with a 35-percent reduction in lever travel to provide quick and slick gear selection.

A set of red front and rear seatbelts were added, as well as black mats with matching red Porsche logos. Stainless GT3-logo doorsills were also used, replacing the standard plastic units.

In an effort to brighten the dark cabin and provide a unique appearance, we took interior enhancement a step further and color-coordinated the center console, center dash surround and upper fascia with the exterior Arctic Silver. It's a fresh alternative to the more common carbon fiber bits.

All said and done, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The car looks better than I ever imagined, perfect in detail, down to the fit and finish of every part and panel. And everything works as it should. After nearly a year of road and track use, the car drives like a precision machine. Had this not been the case, it's nice to know that everything is covered under Porsche's two-year factory warranty on parts and labor. When installed using a certified tech, the parts also maintain your new car warranty.

The basis of this project was to build a GT3-look Carrera while maintaining the car's factory integrity, appeal and value. We more than achieved this goal.

Project build costs:
*Aero Cup II kit
Aero Cup II kit: front bumper/side skirts/rear spoiler (000-044-802-02)

Aero Cup II kit, by component
Front bumper (000-044-802-28) $1,749.57
Rear spoiler (996-512-901-02-G2X) $4,748.76
Side skirts (000-044-802-15) $891.45
Rear European bumper (996-505-411-12-G2X) $1,393.79
GT3 wheel and tire combo (000-044-602-06 18)$4,175.72
Performance brake pads, front (996-351-980-00)$153.56
Performance brake pads, rear (996-352-980-00)$135.60
Sport suspension retrofit kit (000-044-500-07)$1,209.06

*'02 facelift conversion
Litronic/xenon headlamp, left (996-631-059-20) $1,914.11
Litronic/xenon headlamp, right (996-631-060-20) $1,914.11
Headlamp harness xenon (996-612-317-15) $348.78 x 2
Headlamp mount, left (996-631-173-00) $48.43
Headlamp mount, right (996-631-174-00) $48.43
Headlamp mount fastening (996-631-078-00) $45 x 2
Fender, '02 left (996-503-031-03-GRV) $430.19
Fender, '02 right (996-503-032-05-GRV) $430.19
Wheel housing liner, front left (996-504-103-00) $133.54
Wheel housing liner, front right (996-504-104-00) $133.54
Wheel housing liner, rear left (996-504-123-01) $96.55
Wheel housing liner, rear right (996-504-124-01) $96.55
Bumper retainer bracket, front left (996-505-539-02) $16.40
Bumper retainer bracket, front right (996-505-540-02) $21.55
Bumper retaining bracket, rear left (996-505-631-00) $173.26vBumper retaining bracket, rear right (996-505-632-00) $173.26
Rear bumper heat shield (996-505-475-02) $164.90
Rear bumper bracket supports (996-505-639-02) $67.53 x 2
License plate lights (997-631-620-00) $17.16 x 2
License plate light harness (996-612-062-00) $77.73vHood trim (996-504-811-02-01C) $23.01v

*Interior enhancements
GT3 leather steering wheel (000-044-400-21-A28)$954.43
Driver's airbag module (996-803-980-01-A28)$546.14
Short shift kit (000-044-700-26)$486.89
Leather gearshift knob & boot (996-424-075-90-FGT)$220.65
Red GT3 seatbelts, left (996-803-981-04-N13)right (996-803-982-08-N13)$463.53
GT3 stainless steel doorsills (996-551-984-91)$450.46
Porsche logo embroidered floor mats (000-044-800-84-A10)$125

McKenna service: $135/hr
Collision center labor: $50/hr

Porsche Cars NA/Tequipment McKenna Collision & Repair
McKenna Porsche
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